Julia was scared instead was absolutely terrified. She had been to a party and had done something dumb. It started with herself and friends started drinking. She came across this cool guy and knew his name nothing else much. Since she was drunk the guy convinced her to have sex with him. Within a couple of days she found that she was pregnant.

A lot of thoughts and questions overwhelmed her. Should I tell the boy about pregnancy? Should I reveal it to my parents? What would my friends and everyone else would thought about it? Was there any method to just make it all disappear? An abortion, may be the right answer, she thought. But then again it meant taking way out. Maybe she may give birth to the baby, and put it up for adoption. She cannot take care of a baby at present. She had plans for college and job.

Julia fought with her problem but she was not able to come to realize with the fact that she was really pregnant. She was aware that the pro-life groups and the pro-choice groups have totally different opinions and struggled to decide which was right for her.

Many girls today have had to take this decision, and most that go through with an abortion doesn’t even know what it is. There are several opinions to this procedure but first, What is an abortion? The dictionary says it as the removal of a pregnancy by which the death of embryo or fetus takes place.

There are about million women who go through abortions each year. Out of these, about one in four are teenagers. This is the reason it is such a difficult procedure. Whether you take side of those teens that believe girls should have the right to abortion or with those who think girls should not, you can always find support for your point of view.

The New Testament strictly says it is not correct. The pro-life movement took this debate of immorality for twenty years. They believe that interests and personhood prevails in the fetus from its origin, and right flow from society’s recognition of these interests.

As society come across the likings of future generations, it should recognize the interest and rights of the unborn fetus. American culture places high value on human life and should sanctify it in all forms.

 Also,there is the “Pro-choice” group. They are of the opinion that it is a woman’s right to know when or not to have a child. They believe abortion is a moral choice that protects women from unwanted parenthood.In their perspective a fetus is not a person for eight week.

Thus we are ourselves responsible to decide what is wrong & what is good for our life and not the decision of others who will be taken care off in future.

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