Yes most of people like potatoes. After potatoes have been harvested they have to be spread out and sorted in order to get the maximum market price. They divided according to their size- big medium and small. It is only after potatoes have been sorted and bagged that they are loaded onto trucks.

But there was one farmer who never bothered to sort the potatoes at all. A neighbor finally asked him, ``what is your secret?’’ the farmer replied, ``It is simple. I just load up the wagon with potatoes and take roughest road to town. During the six mile trip, the little potatoes always fall to the bottom. The medium potatoes were land in the middle, while the big potatoes rise to the top.’’

That is not only true of potatoes. It is a law of nature. Big potatoes rise to the top on rough roads, and tough people rise to the top in rough times. Tough time never lasts but tough people do.

Potatoes fry or curry is one of the taste vegetables. It eats with chapattis or Parata. The taste Cutlet was made by the potatoes.

What are the useful from the eating of potatoes for the body?

Why are carbohydrates important?

Human beings need a certain amount of food each day supply them with energy. Almost all foods can supply some energy. But carbohydrates give us the most. Carbohydrates include foods like bread cereal, potatoes, rice, and pasta.

Our bodies have other requirements as well. In order to make sure that we are taking in every thing we need, we should eat a wide variety of foods, with the correct amounts of carbohydrates, fat and protein. A diet which fulfils these requirements is called a balance diet.

These food groups serve different purpose: carbohydrates for energy, protein to build and repair cells and to keep our bones, muscles, blood and skin healthy.


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