If you want to be good,it is in your hands.

Nobody else can make you good by force.

Likewise nobody can you bad against you,

and if you are good the credit goes to you.

If you are bad,

you yourself  are to be blammed.

You are the creators of your destiny.Make your nerves strong.

A real student is one who goes on assimilating knowledge,experience and wisdom through out his life and goes on building up his life and character.We have to learn not only from books and laboratories but also from our life..

It demands the greatest aspiration , dedication , continous self effort and industriousness from students.

Service to the nation is the prime duty of a student.all of us should remember that our mission in life is service of our fellow men.

But in the name of poltics,students should not neglect their studies.the great teachers of man kind are great because of the service they have rendered to mankind.

Education is an on going should go on until our death

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