Every management is looking for the success of their business, but what they fail to realize is that the tools to it is in their hand. Employees of any organization are their greatest asset.  Therefore, constant employee performance review and appraisal will go a long way in building a strong and successful organization. The most important thing in the review is that the employer should think it to be a battleground to criticize and threaten; on the other hand, it should be an open ground for two way discussion. A genuine employee review can actually make or break an organization. Hence it is of prime importance to understand the entire process thoroughly.

Employers should keep in mind that this review is not only about forms. In fact, forms are just the basic thing to keep the whole thing documented. Instead of focusing on the forms they should strive to have a healthy employer –employee relationship. This will ensure that not only the review goes smooth but also the day to day work goes well. An open relationship will mean that the employee is aware of all the process and there are no surprises in store for him. The entire employee review should be done in a systematic manner.

• Make a review form

This review form will be the mouthpiece for both, you and your employee. Provide space in it for your employee to write his strength, weakness and his suggestion. Along with it your feedback and suggestion are also required in the form.

• Plan for a review

Inform your employee beforehand about the review which will give him ample time to prepare for it. Schedule the review in such a way that each employee has sufficient time for his review. Be careful while giving your feedback in the form
• Go ahead with the review

Conduct the review on the stipulated date and time. Have an open discussion with the employee.

• Follow up

Follow up from time to time to see whether the entire purpose of performance review is being met or not.

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