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We Indians have a firm believe in astrology, numerology, palmistry and every other logy that can make you believe that you are either too lucky or too unlucky. If you are lucky, which every one is some times or the other that is your good luck and if you are not that lucky that is the sign of good luck for the astrologer or palmist whoever is predicting your fate with the help of your signs or palm. That would give him chance to make your stars right for you and charge a reasonable fee from you in return.

This was only yesterday while I was going through a newspaper, suddenly a headline caught my sight that read, "You share your Birth day with Kajol -Actress" therefore, you love to live life by your own style, you do not like any restrictions and you have your ideas simple and plain. So that was it, just because some one was born on a particular day and he or she shared his birthday with a film star simple that was a clear indicator of his or simplicity. 

Suppose some one was to share her or his birthday with Lady Gaga, what would she or he would be like? I am sure he/she would be known for his or her weird dress sense or the dresses she wears made of different materials including Yak Nipples! I shiver with fear while imagining that what would have happened if I shared my birthday with Shakti Kapoor, probably no one would allow me to sit near HER! (Please keep an eye on her that is the catch of the story)  

I then decided to give a look to all the star signs for that particular day and was amused to see the predictions. There is another fact that has always made me feel so confused about such predictions that I never even try to read leave apart having a trust in these. There are more than seven billion people in the world who share these twelve signs now, how do they manage to share the same fate is some thing so strange for me.

This is simple mathematics, which every one can calculate easily; there is no logic in such predictions even for one percent people who read these predictions. Just have a look and decide for yourself whether you would like such a prediction for yourself or would laugh it out taking it for a fun read only. I am keen to give you an example of such a senseless astrology or prediction for your ready reference


You shall not get as much support from seniors as you generally used to get previously. There are chances that your work may not get as much appreciation as this is not up to the mark. However, you should not feel disheartened because there are chances that your aim would be accomplished by weekend. You must avoid company of friends with negative approach.

My two bit question:

Just what do you make out of this prediction?  



You may feel worried due to health problem of a family member but your self-confidence would take you out of this problem without much problem. This week you shall meet with new friends who will make a positive impact on your future life in long run. This wee is good for your carrier.

My question:

I am as puzzled as to what made them read the future of relatives who may fall ill to create problems for a Taurus!   


There is every chance that you shall commence this week with big surprises. You may find this week a little extra expensive but do not worry as there are chances that you shall have some extra income to meet them without any problem. Investment in property may prove very profitable in coming times therefore this is right time to make an investment now. You should be careful related to your health issues as there are chances indicating a road accident.

My opinion

People coming under Gemini should stay home and invest online to utilize this prediction.


We can see clearly that you may get involved in court procedures without your fault therefore this would be wise to stay clear from such activities. There are also chances that you may incur heavy financial loses if you trust others’ advices. Do not fall prey to undue greedy suggestions otherwise, you shall loose a heavy amount.

My wish

I had heavy amount and fallen prey to such a temptation however, that won’t happen to me because I am not in this particular group.


Speak carefully and with your special relations because this week is crucial about how you speak! This week has a clear indication that you may loose relatives if you speak in a bad way. However, the work you shall be doing this week would make long-term gains for you. Avoid being emotional.

My humble opinion

One who comes under this sign should go for a week’s vacation to keep his relations intact. 


This week is very crucial for your mental status. This may relate to your family, carrier or friends’ circle but you shall have to face lots of tensions and mental stresses that would affect your self-confidence ultimately. However, proper guidance from elders may keep you away from such problems.

My advice

Although this is not easy to follow my advice but people should stay with their elders for the whole week to avoid any mental problem although staying with elders for a week is not good for our mental status.   


You should listen to your brain this week that would be of much help to you. This would be best for you to follow your heart rather than listening to others. Listening to your own heart and following it would help you take right decisions for your future life. You shall have a nice time this weekend with your intimate friends.

I think

This is a good suggestion, listening to our own heart always helps us.


You shall have benefits of traveling this week. This week is good for developing new relations. Revival of old relations is on the cards while you shall be traveling to new destinations. You shall achieve your targets easily this week.

I am sure marketing personal would have many hopes reading this but in case a shopkeeper goes out on a tour, I am not sure any of the above will help him. 


You may become week emotionally because the people you trust most may not support you when you shall need them. This is better to be a little selfish because that would help you identify your true friends.

I like this one because I am a Sagittarian and want to be a little selfish.


You shall be on peak of the success this week. You shall enjoy the benefit of past hard work that you have done so faithfully. A promotion although out of turn is on the cards. In case there is no promotion, they may reward you with paid vacations. Your confidence should be at the top-level during this week.

I sincerely hope they do not reward you with a permanent vacation with two months notice salary.


You shall be more successful in matters where you have been trying for long but not getting success. This would not only open new doors for you but would increase your confidence level too. You shall be able to spend more time with your family now.

I am sure he would leave marketing department and join accounts section as a trainee, this must open the door of accounts department for him and this being a 9 to 5 job would allow him to spend more time with family.


We can see you succeeding in your love life this week. This week will see you better off with your love relations and lesser bad incidents, which were part of your life until this wee. This week is going to be the best week of your life as far as your personal life is concerned.

I am confused seriously

if every thing best would happen this week itself, what is going to happen next week or next month for that matter. 

PS - I have no intention to shake any one's trust in his/her belief. They are free to continue having their full faith in such astrologers.

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