Twilight Saga - New Moon
New Moon is a romantic vampire themed story.Main characters of the movie are Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black which are played by Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner respectively.It is the second part of twilight series.
The movie starts from a dream in which Bella experiences herself as an old woman while Edward is young because vampires do not grow up after an age of 17.It is her 18th birthday .But due to hazard from Edward's family he breaks his relationship with her.

Edward leaves bella alone in washington  gloomily .She passes few months depressed .After it her father asks her to move to the town of her mother where she meet with her old friends after being  lonely for a long time.Here she meets with her old friend Jacob who becomes her close friend now.But after sometime he stays away from bella .When bella tries to find the reason for staying away she finds him turning werewolf who are old enemies of vampires and they want to kill bella because one of their relative was killed by Edward but Jacob saves her from such wolves .Also when bella is crowded by few men on bikes she feels image of Edward as the last time he saves her from thrust.Bella comes to know about the image of Edward at every time when something gonna happens wrong .Image of Edward tries to stop Bella from doing such acts which are dangerous for her.

Edwards thinks that bella is killed imaginary after jumping from reef into ocean and he goes to Italy to meet Volturi a vampire who can kill him but bella reaches there with his sister to protect him . Then Volturi asks to kill bella as she knows about the existence of vampires . The condition is that either the human might be killed or he or she turns to vampires if they know about the vampires. In the last Edward promises to Volturi to turns Bella into vampire and saves her.

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