Scientifically ghosts don't exist but strictly speaking we can read about ghost stories, hear about some ghost somewhere and etc. Most people believe in ghosts but some experts say that they are some spirits that wander with some unfinished job they want to complete. Most of them are good and just move about looking for a way to get their job done while some of them are bad and start hunting the people they hate or whom they find the most easiest to take control of. Apart from these two types some spirits some spirits are around just to check on their loved ones and some stay in places which they love the most.

In many places in the western world we can find different types of ghosts like wraiths, vampires, phantoms, werewolves etc. They all are based on the vision of the people, who saw them, vampires are believed to be the undead and when a person dies he might return for revenge like a vampire.

According to legend a vampire’s power is based on a vampire bat and a vampire sucks blood of humans turning their victims also as vampires. They are afraid of sunlight or any other bright light and flee when exposed to bright or sunlight.

Vampires are considered to be immortal and can only die when their head is cut or by an arrow whose wood is from an ashen tree pierced through their heart.

Werewolves are considered to be the vampires’ worst enemy they also are one of the most dreaded ghosts in the western world.  Unlike vampires who need to feed every night,  werewolves have an advantage, they turn into werewolves only on the three nights of full moon feed on humans or on animals whatever they find that night, werewolves become man eaters the instant they taste human blood.

They can be killed by stabbing with silver swords or shooting with silver oxide or mercury bullet. Once a werewolf is shot or stabbed their heart must be taken from their body and burnt and their brain must be crushed with a hammer.

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