This is a comical movie, which has been released in three languages: English, Hindi, and Tamil on Aug 28,2009. The film is basically in English with a backdrop of Tamil and has been made with a touch of Western satire. It can be considered to be a funny melodrama which appeals more to children as it is somewhat innovative and runs in a different track from the usual kind of cinemas.




Rajendra Prasad:  As ‘Quick Gun’ Murugan

Nasser:                  As ‘Rice Plate’ Reddy

Rambha:                As Mango Dolly

Ashwin Mushran:  As Django

Anu Menon:          As Locket lover

ShanMugh Rajan: As Gun Powder

Vinay Pathak:        As Chitragupta


Director: Shashanka Ghosh








The film starts with the villain, 'Rice Plate' Reddy, killing the hero, 'Quick Gun' Murugan The hero then goes to Heaven/Paradise and we are then transported back in time when he starts relating his flashback to Chitragupta.


The villian ‘Rice Plate’ Reddy of the McDosa Chain lays down a new rule stating that all the vegetarian hotels to be converted into non-vegetarian hotels, thus posing a threat to the cows.  The villain, along with Django and Gun Powder, wants to create an ultimate non-vegetarian dosa. Meanwhile, Murugan, who is known as Quick gun Murugan because of his trademark pistols, takes a room in an inn. Coming to know of the situation, the heroic cowboy makes a fight with the villain, but is killed in the process.

Quick Gun Murugan is then reincarnated in the 21st century to finally put an end to the ‘Rice Plate’ Reddy and his gang, thus saving the cows and the vegetarian business.





The film is hilarious till the end and provides enough entertainment. Murugun with his cap and pistols appears like a true cowboy. His stylish clothes and some of his English dialogues like “Mind it”, “The whole creation is my native place” are billiant. Rambha As Mango Dolly, Murugan’s secret lover, plays her role well. Anu Menon as Murugan’s ‘Locket’ lover is another innovative idea in this picture.The special effects in the film are superb and the music scored by Sagar Desai is average. There are a total of 12 songs including remix versions and a Tamil Bhangra. Gaurav kappor makes a special appearance in the film.


The Imdb (Internet movie database) rating for this movie is 7.1/10

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