Everyone likes to have flat abs and because of this eagerness of getting six packs, people usually starve themselves and take some dangerous supplements without thinking about the consequences. What they fail to understand is that those flat sexy abs can be achived safely by doing proper fat burning workouts and by means of following a good nutritiousl diet. The thing is that 80 percent of your body is made in the kitchen and only 20 percent is achieved by doing physical workouts. Fortunately , belly fat is easier to lose but starving and eating low calories everyday might give some instant results but it is not healthy and the eventual results would be drastic. So, what is the best fat burning exercise ? You can't spot reduce your fat .  Fat is highly flammable and fat burning exercises are those which  is a mix of heavy training and cardio and  consist of moves that engage large muscle groups. Here are the top 5 fat and calorie burning workouts  which can boost your metabolism throughout the day and if you do that for a month or two surely you can see some changes in your body.


Burpees are one of the effective workouts which helps you to stay in shape and blast fat and burns a lot of calories. Burpees is a combination of push  ups and squats. They are fast paced, energetic  and involves high intensity workout which improves your strength and stamina. It is true that doing burpees for 15 minutes is far better than  running at the same pace for an hour . But mark my words doing fifteen minutes of  burpees is not a joke and for beginners it is a distant dream. Burpees involve the combination of your limbs and core and have been rated as a full body workout and it gets you fired up very quickly. Studies reveal that doing burpees daily increase your fat burning speed 50 percent more than the other cardio workouts. The burpees require no equipment and just can be performed anywhere. For beginners doing a lot of burpees can be a big daunting task. So, do as many burpees you can for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds . Repeat it for 5 rounds and it hardly takes anywhere between 5-10 minutes but those ten minutes are going to be very hard but the results are just awesome.

Squat walk

The squat walk exercise mainly focus on the buttocks and the thighs and squat walk burns a lot of calories and makes your buttocks and thighs to look firm. It was also used for toning various muscles of your body and also helps in muscle building. Doing squat walk regularly can make your core area much stronger and it prevents lower back pain and injury. You can do squat walk regularly and get positive results by spending very less time . There is a great misconception that doing squats has no benefit to your muscles but the truth is that squat walk works on all major muscle groups and helps in gaining of muscles. Doing squat walk regularly takes your stamina and fitness to the next level and precautions should be taken that people suffering from knee or joint problems should consult a doctor before doing this workout.


Lunges are very effective and they work on your lower section of your body  and they have several physical benefits . There are several variation of lunges like barbell lunges, walking lunges and reverse lunges.  The reverse lunges work on the lower body and it is very tough to perform . You can perform lunges with or without weights but it is advised to do lunges with weight as it has several benefits than doing lunges without weight. Lunges burn a lot of calories and require coordination and stability which help improve your balance, strength and stability. Lunges improve your core muscles which is a very important factor in fat burning. Even though both lunges and squats work on your lower body ,lunges are far more efficient than squats. Lunges are a bit hard to perform at the beginning and but once you get used to it, lunges are easier to perform and the results are worth the effort.

HIIT workouts

HIIT workout means high intensity interval training. It is a different kind of exercise where you would do several movements alternatively for a short period of time with high intensity and then resting for a few seconds and again performing the movements at a high intense level. HIIT workouts are the best workout to lose fat very fast and it is highly effective than any other cardio workouts. But the key factor is to pick up the correct exercises which target every muscle groups. HIIT is definitely the best workout to eliminate fat and there is no need to run on a track for an hour since doing HIIT for 15 minutes burns more calories than the calories which you burn by means of running on the treadmill . But the tough part is that this 20 minutes will be very intense and you have to sweat a lot . While the major benefits of HIIT workout is weight loss there are several other small minor benefits associated with this workout.


Plank exercises are full  body  training which improves your energy level in your upper body and lower body. It works on your upper abs , lower abs , gives good posture and prevents back injuries. However , this exercise is a typical core exercise and it is very convenient as you can do it in your home,gym or any open space. Plank exercises increase your flexibility and doing plank regularly burns a lot of calories and keeps your metabolism high throughout the day and also increases your afterburn effect. They are several variations in plank such as advanced plank and side plank and you can do any variations as per your wish . If you haven't done any specific plank training so far, then at the beginning try side plank as it is more comfortable than advanced plank. Make sure to include plank in your regular fitness routine to burn fat fast.

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