People looking to maintain weight or to lose weight have to focus on their calorie consumption to achieve their target. You can maintain your weight or lose weight quickly by increasing your metabolic rate which in turn burn more calories. The basics of weight loss is simple. An individual who consumes 2000 calories a day has to burn 2000 calories to maintain his weight and if he burns more than 2000 calories then he will lose weight but if he burns less than 2000 calories a day he will  be gaining a lot of weight. So, this makes calories an important parameter in weight loss. Many people especially women don't have enough time to exercise because of several issues and in that sense they are struggling to burn more calories which ends in drastic results. People are joining gyms and going for hardcore diets to burn calories but they never thought of burning calories at home. But what they fail to understand is that they can burn a hell lot of calories by means of doing several household chores . In this article I had listed down several household chores which can burn significant amount of calories which might be  helpful for women who finds it hard to travel to gyms regularly. By doing it you can change your household work into a workout .


Many people are doing gardening as their hobby and it won't be harder for those people to make gardening as their workout. Gardening is very beneficial as it burns a lot of calories and if you are smart and works hard you can make some earnings by means of gardening. There are several kind of activities which you can do in gardening like digging, planting, watering and the list goes on. It is estimated that a 150 pound individual will burn approximately 350 calories per hour while gardening. The best thing is that you can burn calories by means of enjoying your workout as many people sweats it out while burning calories by means of doing physical activities.


Housecleaning is an activity which many women used to do out of frustration . Those people have to understand that house cleaning is a great activity to burn more calories and to lose weight. There are several activities involved in housecleaning like washing the floors, sweeping,vacuuming which involves the movement of your whole body which increases your metabolic rate. But the number of calories burned in 1 hour of house cleaning vary with individuals. For a 150 lb person,by means of house cleaning for an hour can burn nearly 200 calories. You can enjoy your workout by playing some music on the background which avoids boredom. So, keep your house clean and at the same time keep your body clean and fit .

Washing windows

Washing windows can burn some surprisingly serious calories. Cleaning windows burns as many calories as gardening . Cleaning windows and cars for an hour burns off the calorie equivalent of a butter milk. While washing windows try to switch your hands at the halfway stage  so that your both hands can get some workout. Washing windows also helps to tone your arms to a certain extend. To burn more calories while cleaning the windows, make sure to sit in a squat position because, it activates your muscles in the lower body and also in the abdomen region which helps in burning more calories. Use proper tools while washing to get rid of muscle imbalances and to prevent your arm  muscle from getting tired. SO, select a proper tool and clean your windows so that the end result is not only getting a clean and dust free windows but also a fit body.

Cooking and washing dishes by hand

A 150 lb person will burn nearly 125 calories by means of cooking for an hour. Exercising in kitchen is a great option for women as they have to spend more time in the kitchen. You can make your kitchen a gym and enjoy while cooking. In fact you can do certain things in kitchen different from conventional way of cooking to burn more calories. Just assume the distance between your cooking area and your storage place like a running track and increase your speed of walking while picking and dropping the essential materials required for cooking and in this process your heart rate goes up and eventually you can burn more calories. Not only cooking burns calories , washing dishes also burns a lot of calories. The utensils which was used for cooking and the clean up required for the plates after dishes can burn some significant amount of calories. But you should clean those things by using your hand and with full intensity  to get full rewards.  You'll burn more calories by washing with your hands rather than using a dishwasher. So, enjoy your food but at the same time blast off many calories in the kitchen.

Washing clothes and laundry

A 150 lb person doing laundry for 30 minutes will burn around 50 calories as it involves a lot of stretching and bending. It is advised to do laundry by standing as it burns more calories than sitting . The intensity at which you wash your clothes will have a direct impact on the amount of calories you burn. For people who are not willing to involve in any kind of  physical activities , washing clothes is a great alternative since it has two advantages,  finishing your work and also increases your metabolic rate which is useful in burning calories. Using washing machines can make your work easier but it makes you physically inactive. So, allocate some time each day and start doing activities like washing your clothes , folding , hanging ,packing suitcase and putting stuffs to closets. You might be burning some extra calories without your knowledge. 

There are also several other ways to burn calories  at home like talking, standing, bathing your dog and the list goes on. It won't burn huge amount of calories but something is better than nothing. If you've already begun your weight loss program, then you can include these works in your daily schedule to burn some extra calories. 

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