Seriously speaking can Testosterone supplements boost your libido? On the other hand, is it all media hype or do they really work? When you read the various reports you begin to wonder whether it is an option that men should even consider !

When Viagra made its entry into the market many middle aged and non performing men got highly excited at the prospect of having a fuller and more active sex life little realising that it is not as simple as that. A pill is a pill is a pill since it has its own limitations and one should be aware of this fact. There are many cases where men were unable to up their libido even after taking the pill or when they did, they had some other side effects. It is also important to know that it is the mental attitude towards the issue that really matters.

Middle life crisis drives couple to find quick solutions like testosterone supplements which they think can bring up sex and romance back into their lives in a big way. According to leading andrologists, Viagra cannot promote sex drive since libido is driven primarily by testosterone , which is produced primarily in the testicles .Unless a man has healthy levels of this sex hormone no amount of viagra can help him boost his libido. It is also imperative that one understands the role of testosterone in regulating long-term sex drive for both women and men, which can help in overcoming mental blocks if any before going in for supplements.

Functions of Testosterone

1, Sexual Function – By now everybody knows that testosterone is primarily responsible for the development of male sexual drive and also male characteristics of puberty like deepening of voice, muscular development, facial and body hair ! All through a healthy male’s life testosterone maintains sex drive and semen/sperm production, thereby keeping him sexually active and fertile.

2, Bone Formation – Testosterone stimulates bone formation during the growth spurt in puberty and continues to play an important role in the buildup of and maintenance of bone mass in adult men. A diet rich in calcium is recommended since childhood specifically because of this, so that an adult male has healthy bone structure.

3, Body Composition – Testosterone receptors are found in muscles and fat tissues in our body. The primary effect is to preserve the muscle mass by maintaining the size of the muscle fibres. However, increased fat deposits, in men is normally associated with lower level of testosterone.

4, Mood swings – We all have mood swings, sometimes more so .Studies have shown that our moods get effected when there is a fluctuation in the levels of this hormone. Men with higher plasma testosterone levels within the normal range are less likely to experience depression and high levels of anxiety.

Middle life crisis and how does one handle it?

It is the stage in one’s life when many things mostly adverse ,come together and an individual is driven to his limits. Like for example:- We see that the couple have been married for a number of years and fallen into a pattern and then come the children and they grow into teenagers and all hell is let loose, since bringing up and tackling teenagers needs a lot of patience and effort . The couple normally begin bickering between themselves unable to handle the difficult situation. Added to all that is their own falling or sometimes failing libido due to stress and also because of biological reasons and decreasing physical strength, and probably the appearance of some ailments like blood pressure, heart ailments, arthritis or diabetes .

So, comes a time in life when a man feels that he needs to prove to himself that he is as strong and capable of performing like before, and when it becomes a difficult proposition, he looks for other alternatives which may or not be the best solution for his problem.

A decrease in the levels of testosterone brings in noticeable changes like the ones mentioned below..

1, Decrease in sexual desire, arousal and activity with fewer spontaneous erections. This is something that really hits a man hard . Social conditioning has made men think that they are not complete without it.

2, The next change comes in the way of loss of muscle mass which directly results in loss of strength, endurance and energy. We suddenly notice that we get muscle aches and generally feel very tired after doing a strenuous job. The pain and ache may linger for a longer period of time.

3, The spreading of fat especially in the midriff and developing a paunch which makes a person look aged and anything but sexually attractive. This also leads to stress and lack of self confidence in them only to make the situation worse.

4, Loss of bone mineral density which results in increased risk of osteoporosis and even loss of height due to shri nkage of bones. According to researchers men with low levels of testosterone are six and a half times more likely than those with normal levels to suffer major fractures in hip and backbone. So, one needs to be cautious all the time not to have any major accidents or falls.

5, It also makes a person more likely to be affected by depression and anxiety, decreased cognitive functioning, poor memory and a general sense of loss. When all the above said affects a person it is but natural that he becomes depressed and anxious about his own capability.

It is no doubt a vicious cycle, so the best option is to look for other alternatives and stop fretting since this is something that every individual goes through with age.

The pros and cons of using supplements

With such a bleak scenario , it is but natural that men want to somehow bring back their youthful energy and spirits and this makes them turn to hormone supplements that seem to provide an answer to all the problems in their life.

Evidence from a few smaller investigative studies have shown that taking supplements does make men feel better, not just sexually However, since the role of testosterone is still being investigated it is impossible to say how much is good and how much is fatal. In fact some scientists even go on to say that the risks of testosterone therapy may far outweigh its benefits. Until a clear relationship between Testosterone and all its claimed benefits are established, and the risks clearly spelt out, hormone therapy for men can prove to be dangerous.

What could be far more beneficial

For many people insecurity comes in the form of the way they feel about their bodies especially so when they have bloated midriff and are slow in their movements. Since this is something that can easily be overcome one should look for solutions that are within reach like the ones I have listed below.

Exercise can arouse the libido - It is a known fact that exercise helps in keeping you sexually fit. Instead of spending all your weekends in candle light, wine and romantic dinners it may be a good idea to go for some fitness and aerobics classes. According to researchers couple who went to the gym and cycled on an exercise bike for at least 2-3 hours a week, displayed more intense sexual response within 15 -20 minutes after they rested. This was also true of middle aged couple, who hit the gym regularly or did some exercise regularly and were physically fit. It is also a fact that for many couples, working out together can become a stimulating experience that gets them in the mood for intimacy.

Stress slows sex drive - Stress not only brings down ones libido, it also effectively reduces sperm count in men. Stress is bad for your libido as well as fertility ! Stress is a negative force and as far as possible it should be kept away from our lives. There are many situations in life that stress us out but there are also remedial measures to keep stress away.

Spend quality time together – More than anything else this helps build relationships and sexual performance though important will not be the only factor that draws the two of you closer. Sharing time together and communicating with your partner about everything including the insecurities and fears you are experiencing helps you get over them to a great extent.

Remain Positive - We see some people displaying hostility, impatience, competing to the extent where they become aggressive - all of these have been classified as type-A behavior by analysts, which normally decreases testosterone levels in men with age. This according to them is due to the fact that stress produces a hormone called Cortisol, which suppresses testosterone.

When nothing works and you feel that you have a serious problem don’t hesitate to take the help of your physician before trying out supplements. Normally doctors themselves prescribe the right ones depending on what is best for your system.


Testosterone is important in stimulating the sex drive in both men and women. In the case of men stress can lead to a serious hormonal imbalance , which can drastically cut sperm count and even changes in Blood Pressure and body temperature, all of which harm the sperm . According to studies stressed out men have as much as one third less sperm than their more relaxed counterparts, and even more importantly even the sperm that is produced by them is sluggish ! Therefore more than the physical condition the mental conditions seem to play a vital role in causing an imbalance which has an adverse effect in the long run.

It helps to have a positive mental attitude which in turn helps you keep your stress level low. If you feel good and self confident you may feel more sexually attractive to your partner. A relaxed and balanced approach towards everything in life does wonders where supplements may or may not work.

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