Though we are beautiful and have white skin but if the skin is not healthy then beauty is definitely waste. In present world most of the teenage girls are suffering from pimples, white heads, black heads which are common problems. Skin problems occur according to the nature of our skin. 

Let us discuss about the oily skin problems:


The pimple occurs on our face from our teenage. These occur due to the oil present in our skin. The people who are suffering from this problem, instead of using pimples skin care creams it is best to have good diet according to your skin which avoid this problem. The food items like fries, fat contained food, biscuits, sweets, cakes, cool drinks, the food prepare using coco, are should be avoided. Consumption coffee and tea should be in limit. It is good to have fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, milk, proteins. You should wash your face 4 to5 times a day.  Your face should be steamed once in week. Due to the pimples problem, our hair will be affected by dandruff, so it suggested that we should always keep our hair clean.


These are the marks which occur on the skin, they will be wheat in color. The main reason for this problem is deficiency of proteins and nutrients. Due to the deficiency of necessary vitamin required by the skin causes this pigmentation problem. If this occurs to the women when they are pregnant. Then this disease will be cured after delivery the vitamin food they take and then it completely cure with massages performed by the beauty parlors

Black heads – white heads:

Due to the huge production of oils in the skin forms white and black heads. Especially on the nose, below the lips and on the chin. They make the skin rough and ugly. This problem can be avoided by having less fatty food, steaming your skin once in a week and talking bath with bath powder. These will be removed with special methods in beauty parlors. 

These kinds of skin problems occur in only oily skinned people. We should face all those problems and make your face beautiful.

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