There are million of people suffering from back pain problem. In many cases, people consult with doctors. According to the survey, back pain problem is the second frequent disease for which people consult with a doctor in case of agonizing pain.  You may get relief from back pain by using various available treatments and remedies. According to my idea, it is better to prevent back pain as earlier as you can do. Back pain problem may arise due to unexpected various accidents. There are various tips that you can use to reduce such unexpected accidents. Back pain is of various types. Such as, lower back pain, neck pain, arthritic back pain, upper back pain. I mention tips that are very effective and useful in preventing back pain. All tips must practice in your daily life on a regular basis.

1. A person living a healthy lifestyle is able to prevent back pain problem. It is the first and most important tip for relieving yourself from back pain.  A healthy lifestyle means you have to consume a diet that is full of nutrition and mineral. Balanced diet gives your body a good shape and height. 

2. Everyone prefers activities full of stress. Before and after stressful activities, you have to do some exercise that may remove your stress.  In order to free yourself from back pain problem, you have an activity like swimming. 

3.  Taking Rest on the bed for longer duration of time is not good. It might increase your back pain problem. You have to wake up early and take a walk around your bed.

4. Many youngsters like to do the workout at gym. They have to do warm up after and before workout. In other word, you have to stretch your body before performing any physical activities.  

5. Many people do not have a right posture for sitting, standing, sleeping and standing. In all cases, you have to remain in proper posture. 

6. The sixth most important tips are for women. Many women like to wear a high-heeled shoe. They have to wear to shoes that must low heel.

7. The seventh most important tips are for those people who like to sleep on a mattress. They have to choose a mattress that is comfortable to sleep on. You have to choose a firmer mattress as compare to a soft mattress. Firmer mattress is very useful because it will prevent your back spine from curving.

8. Many people lift things without using their knees. It is not proper way to lift things. You have to use your knees properly for lifting things.  The best way to lift things is without twisting your waist. You have to go closer to things that you have to lift.

9. Smoking is injurious to health. You have to restrict yourself from smoking.  If you have a habit of smoking, it will make your blood circulation improper. It will restrict the flow of blood from one part of the body to another part due to the presence of carbon monoxide and nicotine. Your joint and muscles faces various kind of problem due to improper blood circulation.

10. Most important tip is to select a place for your work. It must be ergonomically correct. Apart from these tips mention above there are many other tips too. The above mention tips are sufficient for making your body healthy and free your body from any kind of back pain problem.

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