If  a woman missed her periods more than 15 days, it means her pregnancy has started. Actually, pregnancy has 3 trimesters. These 3 trimesters will be different from each other. The occurrence of changes in trimesters completely depends upon the growth of the baby in the mother’s stomach.

Pregnancy is a very important phase in women’s life so she should be very careful during this period. The pregnant women must be strong physically and even psychologically. They need to take doctors’ suggestions to be physically happy and even should follow the diet suggested by health expert. For physical fitness doctors insist few physical movements and activities. Among those, walking is very easy and safe to practice.

Practicing walking can give pregnant women better sleep and reduce their stress levels. This will help the pregnant women in delivery and to get recovery soon.Compare to the other pregnancy exercise walking is the best. It is very easy to practice. Walking does not need any instructions, instruments and machines.

During pregnancy, walking has many health benefits. Let us discuss those health benefits.

Reduce stress:

During pregnancy every woman’s mood gets changed. At that time, they faced depression and stress. So, walking during this period produces endorphins in the brain. These enzymes create good mood. So pregnant women should walk to be in good moods and reduce stress.


If pregnant women walk daily then they can relieve from constipation problems. During pregnancy if you keep your body active then bowels also will be active. By having 15 to 20 minutes walk you can have a cleaner bowels and can treat constipation problem.

Reduces tiredness:

Many of the women during pregnancy period feel tiresome. Especially first and third trimester. In these trimesters, it is good to take some rest. But taking more rest also causes some problems. Walking will improve their energy levels and restore them.

Controls Blood Pressure:

During pregnancy blood pressure increases in women. Due to high blood pressure, it leads to pre-eclampsia. By walking you can keep blood pressure in control. This is the best benefits caused by walking during pregnancy.


Walking increases body flexibility during pregnancy and hip muscles get stronger. Therefore, delivery gets easy and fast. Reduces pain. This is a health benefit of walking during pregnancy.

Better sleep:

Having brisk or leisure walk for half an hour, pregnant women can have better sleep. It reduces sleeping problems during pregnancy.

Maintains body weight:

Due to regular walk, pregnant women can control their weight. Slowly, the baby weight also comes under control. Due to walking there will be more chances for normal delivery. So walking has more importance during pregnancy.

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