Today we all carry our own cell phone. We are so addicted to cell phones that our day starts and ends using this cell phone.


Besides its advantages, there are many disadvantages of cell phone to our health.

Very first side effect is addiction to our cell phone, we always keep it with us and anytime if we don’t find it, we get tensed ……..Tension is bad sign for health.


Talking for long on cell phones affects our health very badly such as getting pimples on corners of cheeks, dark circles. It is suggested to use Bluetooth or ear phones if you talk more than one hour on your phone.


Messaging is other addiction mostly in teenagers and college going students. They often chat till late nights and here mostly we use thumb for typing messages. As pressure is more on thumb nerve,  nerve gets damaged  ,resulting in pain.


Never keep your cell phone in vibration mode. It has got very bad affects on health.


Don’t listen to music on your cell keeping in high volume .It affects ear drum.


Never talk on cell phone when it is kept for charging.


When you talk on phone for long and you feel little heat is produced near ear by phone, do not continue talking.


Don’t carry cell phone in your pocket on shirt.


The above all are only some causes of cell phone. Be careful with your cell phone ,it is useful at same time it is also dangerous.




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