1)- Divide your daily meal in 8 small equal parts with a gap of 2 hrs(if possible), else 6 parts.

2) - Start taking Liv-52DS daily after ur 3 major meals.

3)- Keep focus on your natural food instead of food supplements .

4)- Cod liver oil is must now a days.

5)-Increase carbs intake such as potato , cabbage , raw vegetables , carrot juice and all.

6)- Drink lots of water.

7)- Workout is not necessary, but if you want then follow 3 days a week schedule and just for 40 min. a day

8)-train your muscle only with 3 exercises not more than that.

9)-Iif u loose some strength then don't worry it'll come back after some time and that will be natural one, not artificial one

please follow this schedule for 20 days by now after that i'll change it for better.


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