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Punjabi's from both Indian and Pakistani Punjab are fond of a dry dal preparation popularly referred to as "Punjabi Mah ki dal". This is entirely different from the watery dal served in most parts of India and is peculiar to people from West and East Punjab.

I will now relate to readers how to make a easy preparation of this dal. The recipe given here is simple and anyone can make it with a little bit of practice.I have made use of ready made mixes marketed by Suhana  under their express cook pack. You will need the following

Packet of ready Mix of Tawa Sabzi

One cup of Udid dal

One large onion

4 green chillies

One large tomato( optional). Most Punjabi's don't like tomato in dry dal.

Two Table spoon of Pure Ghee ( clarified Butter)

The method is simple. Take the dal and soak in water for about 30 minutes. After this drain the water and keep the dal aside.

Chop onion and green chillies and start frying them in the pure ghee in a non-stick pan. As the frying is on add two tablespoon of Suhana ready mix and slowly let it fry. Add a pinch of salt and a spoon of black pepper.  Now add the dal to the pan with a cup of water . No need to add any condiments like garam masala as all these are in the Suhana dry mix.Cover the pan with a lid and let the dal simmer on low flame for about 10-12 minutes. In between stir the mixture with a spatula. After 10-12 minutes the water will drain out and the dry dal or "Punjabi Mah ki Dal" is ready.

This is a sumptuous meal and is eaten with paratha or roti. Before serving garnish it with coriander and also add some raisins for taste. this is a simple method to prepare the dal and I have treated my Arab friends with this dry dal. They loved it.

Photo: Dry dal prepared by me.

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