• Amazing paan/beeda/killi

    In this article, I would like to share some interesting after food snack, natural, herbal mouth freshner - Paan. It is consumed in south-east and south asia,Taiwan,Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines. It is known by different names based on locations as killi, paan, manan, sirih, sireh, beeda,

  • Awesome list of Breakfast ideas

    One meal which I love the most in the day is breakfast. I like to have a sumptuous breakfast and tend to try a lot of varieties of food.

    Here is one awesome list covering 60 breakfast ideas from various resources.


  • Be cautious while ordering food online.

    Some companies which deal in online shopping cheat their customers. They show the rate of commodity higher than the market rate and offers big discount on that commodity. So it is good to first check the market rate of anything which you are purchasing online.



  • How to Prepare Punjabi Mah ki Sukki Dal( Dry Dal)

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    Punjabi's from both Indian and Pakistani Punjab are fond of a dry dal preparation popularly referred to as "Punjabi Mah ki dal". This is entirely different from the watery dal served in most parts of India

  • India and Hungry Population

    India is now independent for close to 7 decades, but the political masters who govern India have little to show in terms of health and well being of the Indian nation. The Indian population still remains not only under nourished, but millions also go hungry to bed. This is a sad comment on the

  • Is Protein Bad For You ??


    • P.Butter
  • Recipes


  • Single Cell Protein

    Already more than 25% of human population is suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Both human population and animal population are rising. Conventional agricultural produce of cereals, pulses, vegetables and fruits would not be able to meet the rising demand of food. It can be

  • The More, The Merrier



  • Vegetable Biryani with 7 Tastes