On Diwali mornings, begin with a dollop of the strong-tasting Deepavali legiyam. Though almost all of us turn our heads and will not list it in the top 10 of our favorite eateries, it is very good for digestion.


Omam -100g,

Sukku -10g,

Kandathippili -10g

Black pepper - 10g

Siddharathai - 10g

Cardamom - 5g

Jaadhikkai - 1/2

Adimadhuram - 10g

Jaggery - 250g


Honey - 50g


Powder each of the above (except ghee and honey) separately and mix it well. Add heated ghee and honey and mix well. Stir until it gets a halwa-like consistency.

For people seriously looking for some weight lost formulas. Anyone know any miracle remedies and DON’T just say GYM

I have heard that one can lose weight by drinking honey mixed in hot water in empty stomach. My friends have tried and it seemed to work on them but I personally feel walking is the best way to reduce weight.

Do you really want to lose/gain weight?

Best is to follow the glycemic diet. It is also called the GI diet. It is approved by doctors and is a good diet.

Try lifting as much weight as you can, eat bananas after a meal at least once a day and exercise every alternate day. One colleague of mine put on about 25 kgs (in 8 months).. He was grossly underweight and now looks hot. Don’t do much cardio exercise, but yes do weight lifting. It increases the appetite and it is a misconception that by doing weight lifting, women get muscles, not unless you overdo or have steroids.

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