In this article I am going to say how to do chicken soup. This is especially made in south India. This is so spicy and good for health. This is simple when all ingredients are ready. This is nice south indian chicken soup.

chicken soup


1. Chicken Pieces- 750 gms

2. Coriander leaves- 1 small bowl

3. Tomato-1

4. Salt for taste.

5. Ginger and Garlic paste - 1 1/2 half spoon.

6. Onion - 1

7. Pepper- 3 teaspoons

8. Jeera powder - 3 teaspoons

9. Coriander powder- 3 teaspoons.

10. Spices available in kitchen (cinnamon, clove etc).

11. Oil for cooking.

12. Water.

Utensils for this soup:

1. One Rice cooker.

2. Long flexible wooden spoon.


1. First wash chicken with water and apply turmeric to it.

2. Add two teaspoons of oil in to the cooker.

3. Add the whole spices first.

4. Now add Onions to it.

5. And after 2 minutes add Onion paste to it.

6. Now Add Ginger Garlic paste to it.

7. Now add tomatoes, coriander leaves and mix everything for minute or two minutes.

8. Have tea spoon of cumin powder and one and half teaspoons of coriander powder to it and mix it well.

9. Add some pepper powder and some salt mix all of them for one minute.

10. Now add chicken pieces to this.

11. Just bake for few minutes.

12. Now add some water to this chicken until the pieces are covered with water.

13. Now add some turmeric to this soup.

14. Now keep lid of pressure cooker and keep whistle and wait for until 6-7 whistles.

15. Now take the soup from the cooker and serve hot.

You can serve this soup hot in the evening time. This is a delicious drink and good to taste. 

Importance of this drink:

When you are suffering with cold or some throat pain and change in whether this is a good one you can make this as fast as possible to relieve from this illness. This is absolutely south indian delicious soup you will feel definitely feel happy after drinking this soup.

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