The power of will

Power that comes from mind

Can’t be visualized

Can’t be measured

But can be very well felt

In man’s deeds

When he conquers the Mount Everest

Fights with cancers

Makes the car

Go on his chest




It makes us voyage

Through rough seas

When the ship has sunken

Underneath deep waters

And we are left alone

Without life boats

With choking throats

It makes us swim

And touch the shore







Will power, something that cannot be physically described and methodically calculated but still can turn a pebble into marvel, is governed by the non physical components…the mind…the emotions, and needs physical body parts to act upon. So it is important to have coordination of all three factors i.e. mind, emotions and body in order to exploit power of will i.e. will power. Will power is the most important and efficient tool to tackle and overcome the heavy competition and stresses in today’s scenario.





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