The person who got heart stroke will be given some safety measures by doctors. They are extremely important. The person must implement them. Once see some of them.


  1. The person who got stroke must have rest this is the first one to do.
  2. The person who got stroke must not astir.
  3. He must not do higher division works. As this is not good for heart.
  4. He must control the thresholds of Hypertension, Blood sugar and Cholesterol.
  5. Using the medicines prescribed by the doctors and also must follow prescribed food habits.
  6. It is better to avoid smoking and drinking.
  7. It is better not to pick up more loads.
  8. Do not travel long distances by car.
  9. He must do exercise and walking as prescribed by doctor.

Prevention measures to be taken to prevent a heart attack:

  1. Taking tobacco is harm to health. How ever it can be taken in the form of smoking, powder in tobacco there is nicotine which harms to our body. So it is better to prohibit tobacco.
  2. Due to drinking of alcohol the blood pressure will increase. So it is better to avoid consumption of alcohol.
  3. It is better to avoid food’s which is having more fat such as meat, oil, ghee, butter and other materials by taking this cholesterol level increases in our body and block the coronary arteries which is the main reason for heart attack. So reducing these high in cholesterol food is good for health and heart.
  4. Fresh vegetables and fruits more to be taken.
  5. Blood pressure and blood sugar must be in control by doctors suggestions
  6. Most of the salt and sugar utilization must be reduced.
  7. Daily exercise and walking is compulsory.
  8. The persons who are suffering with BP and cholesterol must reduce this in their body to stay healthy.

The person who is suffering with heart attack must contact doctor immediately. He will confirm whether it is heart attack or not by taking ECG. By following this steps we can prevent us from heart attack.

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