We all feel happy with friends. We enjoy some people's company. Mostly it is the case that if one of our closest is upset - the environment too seems to be depressing. If we are happy - environment too seems to acknowledge the fact. So does it mean that emotions are contagious?

Our happiness depends on our own actions. But why then we feel depressed or bore if someone in our surrounding is not feeling good or is depressed or is sad? We feel rejuvenated when we hear some good news about our friends, family & loved ones. Most of us must have faced the same situation - & wondered "why am I depressed or contended - I didn't do anything" :-)

Man is a social animal - & we are affected by our surroundings - including people behaviors. So when someone nearby us is feeling low or high - it reflects on our attitude as well. But does it mean that emotions are contagious? Emotions can be controlled. We can always control our emotions & direct them. Our state of mind depends on our own actions -> which in turn determine our attitude or sentiments.

Emotions, sentiments & passion - these drive our happiness or sadness - sometimes we get affected by others sentiments also - & sometimes not - but as far as emotions are concerned, we do sometimes feel to answer the above question. Think Simple & Live Better - Spread happiness.

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