Well, in this article I am going to put forth the uses of black pepper. Well, there are certain ailments that do need allopathic medicines. But at the same time there are some diseases, which can be treated using home remedies. One such ingredient or spices is black pepper. Let us learn about the medicinal uses of black pepper.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the most admired spices used in an assortment of food preparation. At the same time black pepper can be used for curing numerous ailments. Black pepper contains substances such as alkaloid piperine, and the pungent substance chavicin act directly as gastric stimulants, which helps to secret or produce more saliva and gastric juice. Black pepper also amplifies gastrointestinal movements and flushes out the suppressed gas thus comforting the intestines. It is therefore, used as an excellent carminative and acts as a substance that helps relieve flatulence. It also acts as a digestive agent in dyspepsia, indigestion, flatulent colic, diarrhea, and fermentation of food, if consumed along with thin buttermilk.

Pepper if consumed also facilitates the dilation of the renal arteries and superficial vessels of the skin. It also gives rise to profuse sweating and urination. Black pepper acts as good diuretic, hence if a mixture is made using a pinch of pounded pepper and two cloves of garlic in half a glass of water and if consumed three times on a regular basis with honey, it can cure malarial fever and corrects the problem of scanty urination. If the same solution is used and gurgled when suffering from sore throat, relaxed uvula, tonsillitis, and pharyngitis.

Medicinal Uses of Black Pepper

Asthma: Black pepper powder if consumed along with yavakshaara – (an alkali obtained after burning the green spikes of barley) with warm water can help in minimizing asthma.

Congestive Headache: Black pepper powder when mixed with goat’s milk and if put in the nostrils can cure congestive headache.

Convulsions: A mixture prepared using equal amounts of pepper and acorus calamus or herb (bach) if consumed along with sour curd with an empty stomach can do away with convulsions.

Cough: When suffering with cough, all you need to do is mix black pepper powder with honey. Also, boil jaggery in water and let it cool. If the mixture of honey, pepper powder, and jaggery solution be consumed, it can correct cough with hoarseness of voice. Also, if pepper powder is mixed with ghee and rock salt, it can cure cough and cold. Also if you can chew three peppercorns with a pinch of ajwain or Omum seeds and a crystal of common salt, it proves effective in dealing with cough.

Eczema: Black pepper powder can also help you to get relief from eczema. Mix pepper powder with fresh ghee and apply it on the affected area. 

Obesity: Consuming black pepper powder can also help in correcting obesity. If one betel leaf is consumed with 10 grains of pepper regularly along with cold water, this mixture can help you stay slim and trim.

Oedema in children: This condition can be corrected with the consumption of butter and pepper powder mixed together.

Pimples: Even pimples can be minimized with the application of the pepper powder mixed with ox-bile and used regularly.

Snake bite: A concoction of pepper is prescribed in cases of snake bite, opium intoxication and scorpion stings.

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