A carpet in house makes house beautiful. Carpets for homes vary in shape,size and color all depends on the place where we are going to place it.Carpets also know as rugs can be used in the entire room or can be placed only to a selected space. Ordinary flooring sometimes doesn't look good people normally use carpets in that case to cover up the flooring and to make it attractive and no doubt with the help of carpets the look of a room changes. One can use carpets as per the theme of the room. Carpets are available in different designs and fabrics in the market and one can choose it as per their choice but certainly there should be some logic behind choosing a carpet. Few of the things I have been mentioning in this article one should consider while purchasing a carpet for home.

The trend of carpets arrived in India when Mughals came to India. Since then we have adopted carpets and these days carpets are used normally in almost every house to make it decorative however the shape size and color we choose as per our budget. Its not that difficult to choose carpets for use only few things we should keep in our mind while selecting carpets which are as follows:

- Choose carpet as per your room theme. It depends on you which color you like but its better to have a color of carpet which matches with the color of your furniture. Moreover the place where the carpet has to be placed should be measured accurately so that it may not remain short or long when they are actually placed in the room.

- One of the basic is to match your carpet with accessories and the things kept in the room at the time of construction of house itself as it increases beauty of the house.You can highlight the room decor and can keep a simple carpet or vice versa.

- Its a fact that carpets looks better in light so its better to have a piece of a carpet you want to buy and place it in the desired location for the time being so that you may see how it looks in natural and artificial light then buy the carpet.

- Selecting color of the carpet is an important thing and one can select it keeping in view of theme of the room where you are going to place it. Remember light colors reflect light and room looks larger when you place it in comparison of dark color which absorb light and your room looks smaller. Similarly the bright colors like orange,yellow attracts people where as the colors like blue and green give some sort of cool feeling. So its entirely depends on person to person which type of atmosphere he/she wants to create by placing the carpet in the room.

- Every one wish to have a carpet of high quality and the one having a durability but high quality carpets are not easy to purchase as they have high price. One must think of the budget before planning to buy a carpet. One should not purchase an expensive carpet where there is frequent movement of the people and can have an expensive one for the place where there is comparatively lesser movement. One should make a balance of budget and quality before buying a carpet.

- This is the fact that light color carpets looks dirty in little time than dark color carpets so its better to have a dark color carpet if someone does not want to take burden of cleaning it frequently. Here are few colors and their speciality which will help someone to choose a carpet:

Yellow is the most preferred carpet and is available in different colors like mustard,gold and other colors.

Orange is another preferred color when paired with blue and green looks much better color.

Red/Pink softer version of red color looks great and when paired with other primary color attract people. Brown red and burgundy colors are very popular and are preferred more by buyers.

Violet color is also the famous color as being the dark color makes it more popular when paired with other colors shows its strength.

Brown is a warm color and looks beautiful when paired with the colors like black,red,yellow,violet.

Green looks great when paired with yellow and blue. Also those who like greenery would always like to have something green in the carpets.

Carpets certainly increase the beauty of the house but its not that easy to maintain a clean carpet as there is lot of traffic on these at certain place as people normally walk on them with shoes on so they are likely to catch dust and dirt which need to be cleaned at particular interval of time. Its better open up your shoes and don't walk on the carpets with the shoes on. Also cleaning it with vacuum cleaner every day keeps it clean and attractive.

What to do in case of spillage?.

One should blot with a white terrycloth towel.Don't rub it harshly. Don't wet the spot too much,extract as much water and dry the spot with dryer.Don't use strong stain removers for the spots as these can take away the color of the carpets on the place where we use it and making a carpet some what dull from that particular portion. 

Its better not to use heavy furniture on the carpets as they damage carpets its advisable to use plastic chairs on them.

How to get rid of carpet odour?.

One can get rid of carpet odour by using baking soda.The baking soda should be evenly distributed on the surface of carpet and leave it for few minutes. Baking soda will absorb the odour of carpet and baking soda can be removed by vacuum cleaning. This will make a carpet fresh and clean. One can also use steam cleaning to get rid of carpet odor.

Conclusion: Carpets are the best way to decorate home. Even one can use them on the walls too and can hide the places using them by carpets. But as they are exposed to atmosphere and people walk on them wearing shoes so they tend to catch dust and dirt easily so one must clean them regularly otherwise they look bad and create unhygienic conditions. One can use them to decorate house and can have them of the color matching the colors of walls and furniture. High quality carpets are costly so one should also consider the budget too before buying the carpets of course it should be in our budget.

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