Plants which reduce stress

According to the change of time, we face a lot of stress due to heavy burden of work in office, home, superiors and personal problems. But problems are part of life. By seeing them we should not get stressed and worried. We should face them and fine solution to them and solve them. 

        Your office is a second home for you. If you want pleasant and peacefulness in office then you need to place few plants which relieve you from stress. For few plants, there is no necessary of land and sun. These plants will reduce our stress by releasing fresh oxygen. So let us know how to make our work place look pleasant with greenery and healthy.

The Indoor plants which reduce stress

Money Plant


This plant gives luckiness to us and our work. We can grow these plants in less water.  

Cockti plant

This is a flexible plant which we can grow at houses and the place where we work. We can even grow it at home also.

Lucky bamboo

These are also indoor plants which we can grow at home and even at office. They will give a best greenery look and increase luck


These indoor plants give flowers very rarely. But these flowers will stay fresh for more days. we can grow these plants on office tables and at home.

Fast growing garden plants

The people who want to maintain garden they will have lots of interest on plants. They enjoy growing different kind of plants in their garden. Among those plants, if any plant blossom a flower or grow a new branch quickly then there is no end to their happiness. Because blossoming the flowers and growing of plants naturally is a wonder. But few plants take more time to grow and some other plants takes less time to grow. 

Let us know the plants which grow soon

Marigold plant

These plants grow easily and fast. within 2months if you want your garden look wonderful then you need to include marigold plants in your garden. We can plant their seeds or their small plants in the mud or pot. Mostly marigold flowers blossoms in 2 to 3 colors like orange, yellow and maroom and yellow mix colors. There will be a difference between these flowers in their sizes also. There is no need to take much risk for these plants. These plants grow very easily and fast in any month. We need to take care of these plants they get sun rays and sufficient water daily. Once flower start blossoming then we need to place these plants in shadow. As these plants are very small in size so it is very easy to settle them. 

Royal Palm tree

This tree grows fast. So we can plant it in our garden. This will grow up to 50 feet height. It contains long leaves. These trees will grow into different kinds of mud. these trees should be planted where sunrays falls. If we water this tree more it will grow soon. 

Spider plant

This plant also grows fast. You may see such plants in many houses and offices. These plants can be grown inside and outside the house. This plant grows in mud only.  we have to water them daily and let them be in the sun from 2 to 3 hours. 

Calendula plant

Among all the garden plants this is the best plant which grows very fast. This is also known as a small size marigold plant. This plant blossoms flower once in a year. This plant is used into the skin care products.

Bamboo plant 

This plant grows fast and easily. Within few months these plants grow fast. If you want to maintain your garden in a very attractive manner then you should include this plant also. This plant will be in dark green in color.

For growing all these plants there is no need to work hard or take any risk. These kind of plants can grow in any kind of mud, atmosphere very easily. 

The plants which should not grow around our house

We all know how the atmosphere is getting polluted. Due to industries, factories, vehicles the atmosphere is getting polluted. this leads to different health problems and mental stress to us. Especially the people in the city are getting effected by health problems. So they go to parks at the evening and in  the morning, therefore, they could spend some time with fresh air which is released from the trees. Therefore, they protect their lives in this manner.

       The doctors and scientist suggested that having morning walk and evening walk is good for health. So it is good to grow plants according to the atmosphere around the home. It is  best to grow small plants and flower plants at the north and east side. Growing plants in north east gives good result. 

       The Asoka plants should not be grown at the north and east side. Because they grow more than the height of the house, so that they does not let the sunrays enter the house. 

The plants which should not be grown at the circumstance of your house.

1. Plants having thorns.

2. Drum stick plants.

3. Baniyan tree.

4. Asoka tree.

and etc  are not good to grow at our house circumstances.  We can grow neem tree. The shadow of neam tree will be so cool and there are many medical characteristics in this tree. it is very good for our health. Flowering plants can grow at any side. But they should not be placed on the compound walls which are at the north and east side.

Therefore, for growing few plants we need to follow Vastu also.

How to fertilize the mud in your garden

Most of the people want a healthy and productive vegetable garden or flower garden. The people who started vegetable garden they dream to have more vegetables from their garden and distribute to their friends, relatives and neighbours. If they want their dream come true successfully then planting seeds and watering them is not enough. They have to work hard. To make their dream true the fertilized mud plays a major role. If you want to get complete products from the plants then we need to believe mud as a creature which provide proteins to the plants. 


1. Mix sendriya fertilizer to the mud. This fertilizer contains necessary nitrogen. Instead of sprinkling this fertilizer try to take mud and fertilizer in a container and mix them thoroughly. This fertilizer can be prepared at home or we can purchase it from nursing.

2. Bring the dung of horse or cow and mix them in mud. This fertilizer also contains nitrogen and this will help in the growth of leaves. 

3. The fresh leaves can also include in this. 

Tips and warnings

Never mix the sendriya fertilizer in wet or completely dry mud. Wait until the mud becomes soft and then add this fertilizer.

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