Conflict is a disagreement or unresolved issue between two people, two groups or even two countries. Until and unless the conflict is resolved, the issue remains unsolved. Reason for conflict to take place is some kind of disagreement on any particular issue. Disagreement is due to our belief system. Since our belief system and the other person's belief system clash, conflict takes place. Our thoughts, viewpoints, opinions are also different from others and this will all lead to disagreement or conflict. Thus, conflict is an internal issue. We feel that conflict is outside, however, this is not true. Until and unless inner self is treated properly and all the questions inside are answered, inner conflict does not resolve. Until and unless conflict in inner self-does not get resolved, how can we even think of resolving the same thing in the external world?


The conflict inside disturbs sleep

Every day when we wake up in the morning, we feel tired. Even though we have slept for adequate hours, but still feel the necessity to sleep for few more minutes. This is because our body might have healed and taken sufficient rest, but our mind was still working throughout the night. It was still creating thoughts, not necessarily at that level which it creates while we are awake, but still, it was working and thus no rest was provided to it. Thus, when we wake up in the morning, we find the necessity to sleep for some more time, in order to rest our unrest mind because this sort of demand is created by the mind and not the body. On daily basis, we encounter so many people. With some, we may agree. With others, we don't i.e., clash one or the other issue with them leads to creating conflict. We may develop anger, irritation, frustration, negative thoughts towards them and towards their attitudes. It is not necessary that we may talk to them about these particular issues. Most of the time, we do not even convey our feelings to them regarding their behavior or attitude which is bothering us. Whether we convey or conceal, in both the situations, we have created conflict with them. Deep in our minds, we have made an issue regarding the conflict we have with others. Every night before going to bed, if we solve these issues then these things do not develop into something huge. If not solved then this becomes the reason for our internal conflict and internal restlessness which make our mind tired even after getting adequate hours of sleep.


Resolve the conflict as soon as possible

Thousands of thoughts and mostly negative and useless ones which we create throughout the day suck out the potential energy out of us and make our mind feel tired and restless. To free the mind from everything and to put it at rest, all we have to do is to answer the unanswered questions bothering it, if possible, immediately as soon as the question lingers the mind. If prompt answers cannot be given then at least at the end of the night just before going to bed, answer the issues so that mind becomes free and relaxed the way body relaxes. Every night before going to bed make it a habit to resolve our internal conflict then not only we will be doing good to ourselves but also to others with whom we get involved in the conflict. Our indifference with someone will bother us throughout the day. If possible, we have to try to relax our mind then and there itself, as soon as the thought of indifference bothers us. Thereby we will be saving so much of our valuable energy. If not possible, at least at the end of the day, we need to think and analyze the whole issue and calm ourselves. Soon we will find that impulses which we created were for no good reasons.


Acceptance is the key here

Everyone around us is different and has the right to think and live the way they feel. We have no right to get in a conflict with them because they have an opinion or way of a living a lifestyle which is completely different from ours. The way we have a right to live, in the same way, they too have a right to decide what they want. This type of thinking is known as acceptance. Until and unless, there is an acceptance, respect does not follow. We do not understand that when we are unaccepting someone, we are disrespecting them. Accepting does not mean that we have to agree with them. Accepting means that though there is disagreement, what others are doing is as per their point of view and this should not bother us in any way. No matter how different others are from us, we need to accept them and respect them for just who they are. Power of acceptance is huge. In the first place, it does not allow differences to come into the picture. When differences do not appear, disagreements leading to arguments and conflicts do not appear. The mind is at rest because it has not created any internal conflict. When internal conflict does not get created, external conflict i.e., the conflict between two people never takes place. Disagreements can be immediately resolved with powerful conversations within minutes seeking solutions.


Conflict in internal

We often meet people and create conflicts in outer world which bother our mind and make it restless. We lay others responsible for not letting us enjoy peace and calmness and thereby we start facing turbulence. However, this is not true. Restlessness travels from inside to outside. It is mind who first creates conflict as soon as it senses an indifference. This conflict then is shown in the form of anger, stress, tension, irritation, frustration, restlessness, getting into a fight with opponents, showing violent behaviors etc. Our mind creates conflict as soon as indifference appears because this is how we have conditioned it. What it thinks and how we behave are all outcomes of our conditioning. We feel that we are always right and others who think differently from us or behave differently are wrong. This creates conflict. Changing the belief systems and proper conditioning will do the trick in bringing back the mind to rest at peace.



Conflict is created internally in mind and then is reflected outside. Thus, in order to resolve an issue, we need to answer all the questions put up by our mind. Once the questions are answered well, internal conflict is resolved and the issue which we have with others in the outer world gets solved automatically. If the internal conflict is not solved, we will be creating a too much bad effect on the mind because it will keep thinking about the unresolved issue or unsolved matter. Too much stress and tension will linger mind and too much turbulence can be seen in our relationships with others. If we want to keep ourselves at peace and keep our mind in a deeply relaxed state then we need to put efforts in keeping our mind at rest and solve all the internal conflicts as soon as possible to make life easy, simple and free of troubles.

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