Electric Scooters or otherwise called as Mobility Scooters are particularly designed for persons with low mobility. A battery operated scooter, this helps people who have problems in walking or moving for long periods. These scooters can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities. Some people get confused with electric scooters as they think it to be the same as that of motorized wheelchairs. But there is difference between the two as electric scooters are used for both indoor and outdoor movements whereas motorized wheel chairs are restricted for only indoor movements.

All the electric scooters run in battery power. Well, there is nothing to worry about the operation of the vehicle as they are very simple. As the scooters run in batteries, no physical exertion is required. Moreover, these scooters are very helpful for people who have problems to go uphill without any one’s help.

When talking of these scooters, one can come across various types. Some of the types include transportable electric scooters, Three-wheeled mobility scooters, four- wheeled mobility scooters and heavy-duty mobility scooters.

The Foldable or transportable electric Scooters can be folded and taken to any place. These scooters can be made into three or four pieces and taken in the car trunks. These mobility scooters are helpful for people who love travelling a lot.

Quite good for both indoor and outdoor, the Three-Wheeled Scooters comes with added comfort. The Four-Wheeled Scooters are manly used when going out. The fourth wheel gives more stability to the person when going out in the open space. They come with bigger tires and wider base. The Heavy Duty Scooters are mainly designed for people who are overweight.


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