Stress is very common these days. From students to the working class from the working class to the housewives all are stressed out. Stress is caused due to long working hours, lack of sleep, lack of balanced diet, lack of exercises, work pressure, desire to excel in a short time span etc. Stress not only leads to restlessness, graying of hair, sleeping disorders, back pain but also leads to heart problems. Mental Stress and Physical Stress are two forms of stress. Mental stress is caused due to a mental pressure where as the physical stress is caused due to the adoption of a wrong posture. We can handle stress by visiting a doctor regularly, by avoiding long working hours, by exercising regularly, by eating at regular intervals, by sticking to a balanced diet, by taking a proper sleep, by avoiding liquor, tea, coffee, carbonated waters etc. Visiting a doctor and getting a regular medical check up keeps one away from diseases and gives a healthy life. One should avoid working for long hours too. Working for long hours not only tires an individual but also affects the quality of the work done. Exercising relaxes our body, helps us in flushing out our body wastes and keeps us away from stress. Eating at irregular intervals can also lead to stress. Therefore it is mandatory for us to eat at regular intervals. For a healthy living one should have at least 2 hot meals with an appropriate gap in between. Sticking to a balanced diet also reduces stress. Balanced diet is a diet that has all the essential nutrients that our body requires. Balanced diet keeps us active and gives us right amount of energy. A good sleep of at least 8 hours is essential for all of us. Lack of sleep increases our stress level and that deteriorates our performance. A good sleep on the other hand not only prepares us for the next day but also relaxes our body and mind. Consumption of liquor also leads to stress. Liquor not only damages our liver but also deteriorates our performance at work.

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