Its a word which has a very deep meaning.

Trust-Its the base of all relations.Whether its love or friendhip. Whether its relationship between friends or between parents and sons/daughters.

Whatever be the relation,trust is the thing above which all relations are built.If trust is broken,nothing is left in the relationship.So,don't broke someone's trust on you.Being trustworthy is a great thing.If once you broke the trust its difficult to rebuilt.Trust cannot be built.Its made.

Trusting completely on a person at first is very risky.We make trust over a person according to their behaviour that we observe.But if he/she broke it once,we will surely rethink before trusting on him/her before making trust on him once more.If someone feels that you are not trustworthy,its a bad mark on you.


So,don't broke someones TRUST.

Be Trustworthy...

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