It was a stormy night and the noise of thunder echoed in my ears. It was raining heavily. It was definitely the worst night to be alone at home. I stood beside my window staring outside blankly at the streetlights. No one was seen on the road. The road was completely empty and water logged on every side of the road. I could sense my reflection staring back at me but I decided to ignore it. It surely was a spooky night.


I looked back to what I had done all day. I had gotten up early at around eight to see off my parents. They were departing for Darjeeling and would not be back for another week. I did not join them because my college exam was going on. They gave me  a quick peck on my cheek and rushed to the nearest station. The moment they stepped out, my fun time began. I rushed up the stairs, rang the local grocery store, and purchased 2 chocolate bars, a big bottle of cold drinks and 10 packets of chips. I listed the goodies and rushed back to my room. I felt like living every moment. My parents never gave me this kind of freedom. I saw my friends throwing slumber parties and munching on junk until midnight and grew near desperate for enjoyment.



My dream had suddenly been transformed into reality. The ringing of the doorbell interrupted my thought process. I opened it to find the delicious food I had been deprived of for so long. I quickly paid the man, decided not to munch on the food alone, and invited some of my friends who stay beside my house. Ten minutes from then, I was partying with my friends full on. It was all great until my friend Mandira complained about severe stomach ache. The mood of the group turned serious with her getting unconscious. I myself got worried and made a brief call to the nearby hospital telling them to rush up, as it was an emergency. Five minutes later, I spotted the ambulance. A wave of relief washed over me. I was repeating, "calm down, it will be fine "again and again to myself. The ward boy took her to the hospital where she was taken care of. The doctors detected a virus in her body, which was not only causing harm to her body but also to her brain. She was given proper medicines and her parents were informed. They thanked me and were grateful for taking her to the hospital and being so considerate. I said my byes and left the hospital with self- satisfaction on my face. I had taken her to the hospital instead wasting much time. I, for once felt proud for what I did.


I reached home only to witness the wrappers of candy and chips and those empty bottles littering the floor. I must say it was a complete mess. The house was empty, my friends had left and the party was over. Somehow, I didnot even feel a tingle of regret about leaving the party for Mandira. In addition, as for the mess my housecleaner would clear it up. It is evening now and here I stand looking out of my window with my reflection staring back at me. Had my parents been at home, not all this would have happened. Coming to think about it, it was just the first day, which turned out so eventful. I could not imagine how the rest of the days would go. In addition, what would I tell my parents about this? Nothing I decided. I smiled to myself and walked towards the kitchen deciding whether I should have the chocolate bar or the numerous pastries. Nothing else could be better. 

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