Once upon a time, there lived a king named Pallava. He was very rich. His dynasty was near a thick forest. He had a cute family. He had two beautiful daughters. One daughter's name was Vani and the other's  name was Rani. One day they (Vani and Rani) went into the forest to play. They carried lunch with them.  At midday, they took out their lunch and sat down to eat. Just when they were about to eat a bite, a dwarf appeared before them and asked for something to eat. They shared half of their lunch and wine with him. After eating, the dwarf disappeared without even thanking them. They continued playing. In the evening, when they were returning home, they saw a giantess sitting on a tree. She was enormously huge and was shaking the trees around her and consequently even the ground was shaking. 

She asked them what they were doing in her forest. When they told her that they were playing, she was very angry. She wanted to eat them up. The beautiful princesses were frightened. However, they gathered  courage and requested her to spare their life. They said "We have a great dynasty and people. If we die there will be no one to look after the dynasty". The giantess told them to go and hide. She would search for them. If she was successful in searching for them three times, she would eat them up. The two beautiful princess had to agree. They ran here and there to look for a place where the giantess would not find them. They could not find any such place. 

They princesses were just giving up hope when the dwarf who had eaten lunch with them that afternoon appeared and hid them in a tree trunk. They laughed and said that the giantess would not be able to find them there. Just then the giantess appeared. The dwarf asked her where she was going. She replied that se was going to cut the trees. She then started cutting the same tree in which the princesses were hiding. "I have found you this time. But you have two more chances. Go and hide again", She said to the princesses. The dwarf told the princesses not to worry. He led them out of the forest to a lake side. He worked magic and turned them to the size of a pin. The dwarf put the pins in the bottle. Just as he completed doing all this, the giantess appeared. The dwarf asked her where she was going. She said that she was going to open the bottle. She opened the bottle in which they were hiding and found them again. She laughed and said, "I give you your last chance. If I find again, I shall eat you. The princesses were now really worried. But the dwarf assured them that they would outwit the giantess. 

Using his handkerchief, he caught a fish, cut it into two and asked the princesses to sit inside it. He then joined the fish and pushed it into the water. At once, the fish swam away. The dwarf thought that at last the princesses were safe. But he was wrong. The giantess knew where the princesses were. She came there with a wash tub and fishing net. When the dwarf asked her where she was going, she said that she was going to catch fish. 

She spread her net in the water and was about to catch the fish in which the princesses were hiding. The dwarf was watching. He blew and blew, causing a storm in the lake. The storm was so violent that the giantess fell down in the lake. The giantess shouted for help but there was nobody to help her. As soon as the dwarf saw that the giantess was drowned, he stopped blowing and the storm stopped. He took out the fish, and opened it took them out. 

The princesses thanked the dwarf. They went home happily. The dwarf saved them. 

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