Little beggar girl

Little beggar girl

With an empty bowl

Peeped into my car

At the traffic signal

Gleam in the eyes

Scream in the lips

She kept waiting for

The little tips

Green was on

I was flown

Little girl was left

There like a stone

Next morning

At the same signal

I saw a lady badly crying

She was begging, her child was dying

Got down the car

And went nearer

Saw little beggar girl

Bleeding and breathing

Took them both in my car

Rushed to the hospital

But on the way

Little girl breathed her last

It is so common to find child beggars at many places in India. It hurts to see the childhood begging. They beg even without knowing, what does it mean to beg and when they do not know it is not a good deed, how can they be made stop begging. There is a need to run awareness campaign among child beggars and their parents, analyse the reasons responsible for it and then finding a solution by providing the required support.

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