Age is a number, yet most don't think so and in India just a decade and a half back, a woman thought to have touched 40 was thought of as "written off". Times are changing and a great example is that of Christie Brinkley who has adorned the latest issue of "Sports Illustrated", which will hit the stands on 16 February 17.

Christie is 63 having been born in 1954. She also has been married 4 times with 3 children including 2 daughters.I wonder if this is also part of the recipe for her success-yet at this age she has posed in a bikini including a gorgeous red color two-piece and is on the front of "Sports Illustrated". Along with her, 2 daughters aged 31 and 18 are also in bikinis and it is to the credit of Christie that she holds more than her own against competition from the younger girls.

Christie last modeled for the magazine in 2004 and its a while to come back and pose for the journal. She was on the cover of the magazine for 3 consecutive editions, 35 years back in a bikini. At that time she had decided not to pose in a bikini again, but when her daughters insisted she gave in and gave the photo shoot to sports illustrated.

Christie is a super model and reportedly is worth over $ 80 million.One of her husbands was the singer Billy Joel. She has one daughter from him, who took part in the photo shoot with Christie.  She dabbled in films as well as the stage but her mark has been modeling and walking the ramp. She has modeled all over the globe and advertised all sorts of dresses from gowns to skirts. She has not ever modeled any Indian dress. That is understandable as Indian dresses are not a global or universal choice.

For the last 100 years the bikini has become the epitome of the assessment of a woman's beauty and no beauty pageant or contest can be held without a swim wear event. The bikini parade is also apart of the pageant. This harks back to Greek philosophy which talked of perfection and chiseled bodies. A look at any museum containing Greek art and paintings will help confirm this. India after independence and the liberation of the woman from dogma and obscure thoughts has also marched ahead. There are many beauty contests held and many Indian girls have won world titles. Obviously they wore bikini's as well and won.

Modeling and giving a shoot displaying a flawless body at 63 is a feather in the cap of the  Christie. it is also a great morale boost for a women. But now the example is before them and they should not think that they cannot emulate the super model.

Christie lives in New York. She has made big money in modeling and is ranked 3rd in the world among models in terms of financial worth by "the Daily Mail". 

One wonders what is the recipe of Christie for success. She is a vegetarian and eschews all types of meats. She exercises daily and leads a healthy life. Maybe she follows the advise of the sage of the Kamasutra, Vatsyayana who advocated a sexual relationship all through life for good health, preferably with a younger partner. One of Christie's husband was 7 years younger to her. In the meantime fans can hold their breath and await the latest issue of Sports Illustrated which will hit the stands shortly.

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