One of my favourite places to visit is the Indian state of Goa. I first visited with my parents when I was still in school. It was on that trip that I discovered my allergy to seafood. After gorging on fish and prawns the previous day I was rushed to the hospital the next morning. Needless to say I stuck with chicken for the rest of the trip. Initially we stayed a bit inland which required us to drive down to the seaside. We did manage to do a cruise on the Mandavi and some water sports at Vasco da Gama. Still was a painful having to drive all the way up to take a walk on the beach. So after day two my Dad decided it was time to move out of Madgaon.

We drove up to Calangute and managed to get sea facing rooms in the government tourist home.That was in part thanks to Dad being a Central Government Officer. Amazing view of the sea, great breeze, not too bad a room and all for a pittance. We spent a couple of days there and explored the beaches close by. This included eating breakfast at the shacks of Candolim, dinner in the Taj at Aguada, another dinner at a hot spot in Baga and even a visit to Anjuna. We explored the markets of Mapusa and bought cashew nuts and port wine.

Then as with all good things the vacation came to an end. I thought that was the last I had seen of Goa till I got engaged to a man whose mother was a Goan. So it was natural that we went to Goa on our honeymoon. Although we had enough family and friends to visit, we did manage to live in an apartment off holiday street between Candolim and Calungate. So there was time to go para sailing and shell hunting besides beach hopping and shack eating. No matter how many times I go I always end up having a grand time there. Next time I plan to go to the flea markets and pick up that thin cotton t-shirt that says "I Love Goa!"

My only regret is that life has been so hectic that I have not had time to visit Goa in almost 5 years. Unfortunately my son has never been to Goa and has no clue about just how much fun you can have on a beach. Maybe next summer vacation would be a good time to remedy the situation. Let us hope nothing else pops up to spoil the plan. As of now both may husband and I are really looking forward to the next break we plan to take in Goa. This time we even plan  to take in the Casino.


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