Delhi is one of the most popular capital of the world.It is a full of lots of attractive places where you can enjoy a lot.Delhi is divided into two part.Old Delhi and New Delhi.Both the places has a lots of attractive places as we discuss all places here.

Old Delhi is rich with Fort,Mosque,Temple and Monuments that tolds its history too.On the other side New Delhi is rich with many attractive Building,Stadium,Zoo,Parks etc.New Delhi is Design by Two popular person Edwin Lutyins and Herbert baker.

There are too many Heritage site such as Qutab Minar,Red Fort and Humayun’s Tomb.These all heritage site are list in UNESCO.Every year many Foreigner tourist visit there.

India Gate and Rajghat.

Both these places is Situated in New Delhi.India Gate Is Build in the memory of soldiers who lost their life during the Afghan War and world war 1.Name of the soldiers who lost their life during these wars are written on the wall of India Gate.There is a Refile place at the middle of india gate with a helmet over it.It is made with a Black Marble.It is also known as Cenotaph.On this Cenotaph Amar Jawan Is Inscribed than Means Immortal Warriors In Hindi.


Sansad Bhawan.

It is also known as parliament of India.It is Circular in Shape and Construted by Edwin Lutyins and Herbert baker in year 1912-1913.These both are Architects from British rule.In 1927 this building is open for offical work.

Rashtrapati Bhawan.

This Building is a Mixture of both Western and indian Style.This building is firstly made for the Governor General Of India.This Building is Construted in year 1931 with a name Viceregal lodge.But when India got Independence it name is change as Rashtrapati Bhawan And Become a Palace for President.

Humayun’s Tomb.

This Monuments are Specially build for Humayun’s Widow.The constrution of Monument was begin in year 1962 and Completed in Year 1965.It was built by a Persian Architect who name was Mirak Miza Ghiyas.Later on it become a Standard for all the Mughal Monuments in India.


Red Fort.

Red Fort was Construted By Shah jahan.Red Fort Constrution was begin In 1639 when Shah Jahan decided to shift From Agra To Delhi.Complete Monument was construted within the time interval of 8 Years.Later on british Use it as a Prison.After Independence every year the prime minister of India Hosted a India Flag here.

red fort


Purana Quila.

This Monument is also well known old fort.This Quila is Build by pandavas and after Pandavas this quila is renovated by Humayun and after Humayun this Quila is Modifid by Sher Shah Suri.This Quila is Made by Aqeel in Year 1853.This Quila contain a Bold Desigin that is straightforward and Strong.This Quila also show the architecture of Mughal Military.

Salimgarh fort.

This Fort is construted in year 1546 on an island of Yamuna river.It is now a complex part of red fort.There is gate foe entry purpose also known as bahadur shahi Gate that was construted from the northen side of Salimgarh Fort in year 1854-1855.This gate was Construted by a mughal Emperor bahadur shah Zafar.This Fort is use as a Prison.

Chandni Chowk.

It is a most famous market that is Situated Near Old Delhi.This market is created by shah jahan.You find a Red Fort just infront of this Market.There is also a Praying site known as Jama Masjid.This market is made by shah Jahan Because he want that their daughter find everything that she required here.The market was divide by different Noumber of cannals that was close today but it still remain a largest wholesale market in the world.

Qutub Minar.

This Minar was built by Qutab-ud-din –Aibak.This Minar is located in New Delhi.If you want to go just visit Mehrauli in south delhi.It Struture is just like a Red Sandstone Tower that has a Height of about 72.5 metre.It was a first Monument that was built by a muslim ruler in India.

qutub minar


It is also known as strongest fort in India that was created by Ghazi malik when he founded a Tughlaq Dynasty in 1321. It was Created within the time interval of 4 year that is really a Super fast constrution.The manufacturing of this fort is suggested by a Khilji Sultan.

Akshardham mandhir.

This mandhir is manufactured in year 2005 and this is a largest Temple specially for hindus.It occupy a space of about 100 acres.That to big Area.this Temple is situted near Anand Bihar.This Temple contain a lot of place that you really enjoy it.


Gurudwara bangla Sahib.

This Gurudwara is the largest Gurudwara in delhi.Many People going to visite their everyday.This was a place where the eight sikh guru take his last breath for the welfare of people against smallpox and Cholera.The most good thing about this gurudwara that it offer free food to any Visiter who visit there.


Iskcon Temple.

This Temple is Made for the god Sri Sri radha Krishna.This temple is also known as hare Krishna temple.This Temple Is Situted Near Lotus Temple of South Delhi.This Temple was made by a architecture Achyut kanvinde in year 1998 but constrution was started in year 1991.

This Temple is built with Red stone that shows it uniqeness.There is a lots of beautiful painting of lord that is done by devotees.There is a Restaurant that serve a pure vegetarian food of any visitor who want to take this Vegetarian food.You can easily reach there as this temple is situated near Metro station and you too get Very easily busses from here.


Jama Masjid

This masjid is created by shah Jahan for Prayin purpose.this is the largest and Oldest Masjid in the World.This masjid is just opposite Of red Fort and Near of Chandni Chawk.

jama masjid

Lotus Temple.

This Temple is situated in South Delhi Just opposite of Isckon temple.It has a Structure of Lotus which is really a unique Struture.This temple was created by a Bahai community.

Lotus Temple

Jantar Mantar.

This Struture is made by king Maharaja jai Singh.It is divided into 13 architectureastronomy instrument.It is one of the register UNESCO heritage Site.

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