Food is how much important to the hungry, exercise is how important to body, meditation is like that important to the mind.

Air to the nose for the breathing, it is like that meditation essential to mind for piece. From this meditation body and mind in healthy.

Power is God, God is great. Pray for him.

Clean your mind keeps it fresh. With out any things, sound less, nil.

Follow the formless mediation; merge your body, mind, the whole world and every thing in to God. Think `I am a little sphere of light, and the supreme beings are the infinite sphere light of light, shining where.’ But so long as we have body consciousness and too much of the sense of personality we can’t practice this type of meditation.

Meditation is on the blissful luminous divine. Meditate on his purity, invite loves infinite compassion. Finally, meditation on his infinite consciousness in he is which were downed.

Soul is a part of the cosmic spirit. Many practices spiritual discipline and meditation attain to this state of consciousness.

Mind wants to run away from the object of meditation. But through the practice of moral culture, should succeed in minimizing this disturbance of the mind. We do our meditation we give the mind a certain theme, that is, divine name we repeat and divine from we civilize. Mind and hold our attention within. We think of him with a little love. When there is some loved and devotion in heart for chosen ideal, it becomes easy for to follow the path of meditation.

The meditation does to us. They keep the mind engaged. They hold it with in. name, divine from the idea, along with love of god. Interest in the object of meditation becomes greater than the interest in out side things. Meditation becomes more real to us.

Man is small, but his ideas are high. Life is little but, desires more. Life is a game. We are all actors. World is drama stage. God is director.

No safe to the body. Breath will stop any time, so no guaranty to the ma, after his death where he will go. These answers think about in your mind.

Meditation is important to man. Meditation, doses do it fresh to mind. Fresh mind man is a great man. That means good ideas on god. God is always great. God is good. Every man wants God. We can not do nothing with out god bless. Here, there and ever where god. In and that occupied by god. Pray for god good and happiness. Sun, star moon earth roles by him. Clouds rain rains. Trees give us food.

Meditation is a constant remembrance flowing like an unbroken stream of oil poured out from one vessel to another. When this kind of remembering has been attained all bandages break. Thus it is spoken of in the scriptures regarding constant remembering as means to liberation. This remembering again is the same form as seeing, because it is of the same meaning as in the passage, `when he who is far and near is seen, the bonds of the heart are broken, all doubts vanish. And all effects of work disappear’

`He who is near can be seen, but he who is far can only be remembered. Nevertheless the scripture says that we have to see him who is near as well as him who is far, thereby indicating to us that the above kind of remembering is as good as seeing.



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