A common factor about successful people  

All successful people I know for long time have something in common. I know with my personal experience as I have worked with four employers so far in my long corporate career and found one thing was common in all successful people. All the achievers in all the companies have a common factor and although that was a simple thing but none of them was a gossiper. They never wasted a moment doing anything unproductive.

Successful people always work with total transparency completing the job and practically showing it to their team members. They know the value of time and they know time in fact is money itself. And yes they all have something common in them that they worked for education to improve the life of poor and deserving.

Most of those successful people never wasted their time waiting for their lunch in crowded restaurants during working hours or talking with dealers discussing movies instead of making business deals. All successful people know the value of every moment of their and try taking spot decision.

There was another common factor in all those great people they understand the value of humbleness and behavior showing high moral standards all the time without losing their cool even in odd situations. Humbleness has different meaning for different people but the common factors always remain the same.

 You can contradict my point by saying that humbleness is no more a virtue in this age of the technique of gaining an advantage or feeling of superiority over other persons in your competition, (or even not in your competition).

Some people have started believing that humbleness is sign of cowardice but at the same time some others do not think in these terms exactly but they believe that humbleness is sign of peace and satisfaction that provides a person with extra energy for tackling things more tactfully.

There is another plus point for humble people and that is more important as no humble people is ever over ambitious but he learns to live with satisfaction since he is not afraid of losing anything. 

Common Qualities of Rich and Successful Persons

I am fond of reading about successful people that motivate me as I believe life is like a nonstop lesson that teaches you something every moment.   I have read hundreds of biographies of rich and famous persons and what I found in all successful people that they all had certain qualities in common. 

1- They all were fond of walking in the morning

2- They never hesitated learning anything new from whatever source it came from

3- No one of them was a foodie or spent too much time about talking about food

4- Almost all of them were family persons and loved spending quality time with their family

5- They all spent their leisurely time at natural beauty spots with friends and family and enjoyed their trips or even shared their memories with their friends and family.

6- They all were social and trusted in making good friends with likeminded and hard working people.

7- It is not applicable on all but most of them spent very limited time watching television or playing online games. But they spent their time playing outdoor games for physical fitness purpose.

8- While I say this I would certainly mention a point about all successful people that they are all kind and understanding with a helpful nature. They understood human nature and good at understanding the problem.

9- Most successful people do not waste their time doing unproductive work but they find out something worthwhile even from something that most others will consider waste of time.

10- There is one important fact about all successful people that if they do not want to do something you cannot force them to do that and the best part is that you would not feel bad because their way of refusal is so convincing.   

11- There is a very interesting fact about all successful people that they never talk too much showing their authority but listen carefully before speaking. They speak to the point and every word they speak makes sense.  

The difference is not much though

There is only a small difference in between the two sets of people the ones who get motivation from their failures and the one who feel disappointed and lose all their zeal to work further on that particular project. You may again find it a bit out of the contest but the fact the people that love themselves face such setbacks comparatively easily and come back to terms without much problem. 

The people who love themselves find a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of an objective. The fact that most professional know where the lag behind but they don’t want to accept them as that may directly or indirectly hamper their chances of growth but that is not the right way. To achieve success, one will have to learn to accept his weaknesses and work on them, there is no other way. 

We shall have to accept the fact that no one is superman or superwoman and we all know everything about our weaknesses which you can hide from others for a while but not from your own self so why hide them, work on them and get rid of them. There is no better way of reaching to your goals but to accept your weakness and remove them.

Ability to adjust with everyone with no questions asked

I am not ashamed to accept that I feel envious to the people who are popular among their friends, relatives and people in their social circle. No one says no for an answer if they ask to do anything for them but feel obliged rather. I often look at myself and wish I knew what would be the basic qualities that I should add to my own qualification to match with their skills. 

I think all such persons have a one basic quality that stands the apart from rest of us is there quality to adjust each and everyone even if they have very few things in common. They never ask any question neither they refuse anyone when it comes to helping others and that’s what they get in return as well. It’s probably their ability to adjust with everyone without any questions asked. 

“The fact that your most happy moments are the ones that you share with others and your most painful moments are the ones that you faced being alone”, no one but I said this. (I hope it will be quoted when I will be no more in this world). 

Quality and Ability

“The quality of ability to adjust with everyone with no questions asked”. There is no doubt about the fact that almost all the problems could be solved with our social activities. If a person knows how to be friendly with good social relation there is nothing that will stop him reaching to the top of his career. On the contrary people with strained relations, not willing to mix up and behaving too proudly face failure, depression and discomfort in most case. 

I am a corporate worker with background in marketing and human resources to some level so I know the fact that a large number of employees that lost their jobs in the industry for this particular reason because they were unable to cope with the social environment of the industry and not because they did not know their job or had no proper qualification.    

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