Ooty is such a common destination for South Indians that it is no more “cool” to go there for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary.

During my school days, a trip to Ooty from Madras was a must every summer. let me share the wonderful experiences i had in ooty.

Toy train journey was nostalgic. The magic of toy train is still pretty much well preserved. I could see and hear children screaming with joy at every turn. If you are planning a trip to Ooty with your children, then a toy train journey must be added to your itinenary.Ooty has always been a hot tourist destination. There are hotels and resorts across all budgets.Ooty Lake: As with most travelers to Ooty, lake was our first destination. Ooty lake is an artificial lake built during British regime. It has a unique irregular shape (like “L”) which s impossible to see in any natural lake. Boating at Ooty Lake is a must and I personally prefer the rowboats. It might take some time for you to get used to rowing, but it becomes extremely pleasurable once you get a hang of it

From the Ooty Lake, we headed to botanical gardens. This huge garden was originally built to grow European vegetables, but was later converted into a garden and is currently maintained by the Tamil Nadu Horticultural Department. In olden days, it used to be common to see film shooting in progress at botanical gardens.

Just 28 Kms from Ooty, the lake formed owing to the dam is an excellent spot for spending endless hours in solitude or in company with loved ones.  Summer is the peak season at Ooty but it is now a year round destination. I particularly like Ooty during the rains because of the mist and lack of crowd.

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