Pakistan’s action worries India.China hates India.Psychologically and administratively government of India feels congenial to China.This surprise many political analysts.Should we support any country blindly even if what it did be evil?The government of the day so far is not prepared to accept China as an enemy.It is a tactfully an evil of choice.In the budget speech of the previous eight years,every finance minister showcased in their speech to the historical advancement of gross domestic product of China.Why there is vacuous unacceptable hand clapping of this enemy neighbor?India is a democratic country,which is the single most effective means for a rule of law.Rules of law to ensure equality and similar rights to each citizen without fear.It is the seventh largest and second most populous country in the world.China is a communist country run by dictators.

In that country,there is no rule of law,no free media and the world knows them what they preach towards them.In that country,the poverty rate is higher.Their small rich class people aided powerfully by the communist government are yielding profits and their rich become richer and the poor become poorer.The government of the day here overlooking most modest dwelling in China,and they are talking about the phenomenal development of the productive class.There are thousands of hard hearted atrocities bust up by an irresistible military force of China that can only be described as wholesome harebrained.People’s Liberation Army of China invades into India’s territory of Ladakh.This is not an isolated incident.In 1962 and 1986 China invaded India.India remained calm.Chinese soldiers enter India’s territory in April .When they are asked they told that they are doing this for health.Then within a few minutes they destroyed bunkers set up by India.They entered 19 kilometers in India.The country in question is of mine. Can India deals with that?

With this,they are starting to build roads and railway lines.This area is an important tactical point due to its proximity with Karakorum Pass.It is a progress point in war times.What is sad is that Government of India dispatched the paramilitary forces like that of Ladakh Scouts and Indo-Tibetan Border Police to handle this aggression!They are facing China’s army.Even a lay person can advise about sending the best equipped Indian army division to tackle and null this aggression from China.India should remember that after road and rail works are completed in those areas,it could be almost impossible for them to get back on those lands.How does it sit with you that the Indians are regarded as innocuous by the rest of the world?

There is fear and apprehension when two mighty armies come face to face in an aggressive.There may be war-like situation.India has to fight it out and save its borders at any cost.In terms of military capacity China is way ahead,but India also not far behind.India should remove the ghosts of the 1962 war as that was an image of the past.Let that past bury its dead.And how do you act on it?How do you respond seating on a comfy upholstered armchair on Sunday watching Indian Premier League?It is a do or die situation.From now,on we will not be afraid of China.World will know about the hardline China after the war and that will be financially ruinous for China as it is trying hard to emerge as a self-made capitalistic country in the world.In the war like situation,America may or may not support openly,but also it will not support China either.This is a tough case where the Indian army should be fighting out with their counterparts and regaining control over lost lands.If war begins then other enemies of China on the other side of border,like Japan,Vietnam and Thailand, can declare war at the same time.For a prolonged war like situation,it will be difficult for China to sustain at all fronts simultaneously.India should consider changing its international business affairs immediately and should consider removing China-made products from its own business cities and should make collaboration with countries like Japan,Thailand and Vietnam and make business and financial arrangements with them so that,whenever there is such an aggression on the part of China,they should be united and join the front to battle it out financially as well as militarily at all fronts with China.

China is playing war of lies,utterly evil,entirely not needed,except to exert conflict between two neighboring countries.India should think beyond Pakistan and realize the real enemy,the dragon country China.India should widen its foreign policies beyond Pakistan centric and should see the future and try to curtail Chinese aggression with stick policies.It is a political gimmick to stay silent on the recent trends of corruption in the country.Nevertheless,it is not a clever trick to stay still as tree, overlooking aggression from China in the north.India should remove the current external affair officials who are preaching coolness on this aggression from north.It is high time India should act and should go for stick policies.After cold blooded murder of Sarbjit Singh,an innocent Indian in a Pakistani jail,India has acted proactively and the stick policies.This is high time India should change their carrot policies towards China.Ordinary man should also be active in involving this decision making that relates with integrity of this age old country.Some times government of the day is saying that this is a regional problem and that creates misery among conscious citizens.It is high time that government should take this event seriously and begin some exercise to remove Chinese soldiers from our territory.Aggression on the part of the enemy cannot be named as a regional problem.Could it be any clearer?

It can be a historic blunder if the government of the day considered this incident lightly.Pakistan captured vast land of Jammu and Kashmir in the fifties.China caught a gigantic land of Arunnachal Pradesh from sixties.Special Forces of the Indian army should be sent there immediately.It is high time to cut all government and private business,exporting of minerals and other cultural exchanges with China.It is better to improve business ties with Taiwan.How the dragon country has unleashed their blasted hatred against us who had never done anything to pain and anguish for them.It is the right time to act.Presence is the most precious part and it is high time that India’s think-tank in external policies should get a complete make over and formulate foreign policy in India centric approach.India should be honest about it.This is not a new scam in the unending series of scams that have been unleashed recently.In such cases,government accuses the principal opposition party that they are shouting at each instance of resignation demands.With this aggression from our northern neighbor, government of the day cannot accuse the oppositions of this;they have to act promptly,to save the border encroachments.Should your individual on the spur of the moment click on after its prolonged period of quiescence,it would bechance you,you know.We should not have an undeserved reputation as a coward and cerebral fabricators.

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