Our government and we  

We have no alternatives left but to pray to the God almighty to make our government’s foreign policy strong enough because they are least worried. We all know that only a strong government with a strong foreign policy and strong decisions in place can make a country strong. Moreover, when talking about strong decisions one of the points it includes that the relations with neighboring countries depend solely on the stands of a country. If we have a soft state that talks a lot but does nothing but talks, then you should expect your neighbors to behave exactly the way they are doing.

A popular government should have the option to let its neighbor know in a certain manner that they do not approve a certain step of their neighboring countries in particular and other countries in general. If a government has no right to express its opinion to convey its messages to its neighbors that it does not like their certain steps which are clear breach of international laws in that case that government has no right to stay in power. Let them do a self-diagnosis and go for a leader from within the party folds who can take strong decisions. 

The present situation is

We know that every government in our country is a popular government it has to be because it came into existence by a popular vote by the public of this country. However, we should assume that every government invariably having a cabinet consisting top politicians of the ruling party in it, have minds of their own. They can think and think in the right direction some times but keeping their party affiliations aside. They should speak beyond their standard statements that we are so used of listening so far, have a look-

One- We will see that no one takes disadvantage 

Two- We condemn this act 

Three-We shall not tolerate this

Four- We shall go deeper into the root of this problem

Five- Enemy should not consider us weak

Six- Every possible step will be taken to keep situation under control

Seven- We are trying to take this up on political and diplomatic level

Eight- We are one of the biggest superpowers of the world

Nine- Terrorists have no religion

Ten- We shall fight with communal forces until our last breath

That is about all we do to keep our public happy and offenders warned. Anyone willing to make his career in politics and having right contacts must know this simple formula to succeed in our kind of politics and he gains the right to rule. One only needs to know these TEN points, as there is no need of knowing any complicated training programs related to politics, which may be necessary in other democracies but not in India. 

One can rest assured that he has won half the battle once he mastered over all important points, later he can learn different finer points which come to a successful politician learning naturally from the experienced campaigners in the field. There is so much to learn but to enter into Indian politics; these points are necessity to become successful. 

We as people

The other side of the coin is that we as citizen of this country have never stood up to ask questions in a positive manner. We have right to know that why our government never asks the neighboring country whom they blame for existing terrorism in our country that too indirectly. But our government never feels asking a very simple question ‘Why do they have Chinese rifles?’ But this is our government and our policy, we can ask what we like and might not ask what we don’t like. This is our foreign policy and we have full right to go as per own rules, no one should ask us what our government should ask and what they should not ask. And that ‘no one’ includes ‘we, the people of this country’ and please do not tell me that our government asks in very strong terms but that is ‘State Secret’ and we the normal people have no right to know about it. 

We feel so proudly of our culture 

We have right to think proudly about our culture, and there is nothing wrong if we have big religious feelings about Mansarovar but do we have willpower to raise questions on Chinese army boots which are allover that particular area? Can we even imagine raising our eyebrows leave apart a strong protest! No our government is not weak but has a firm trust in non-violence so every thing goes. We are one of the strongest followers of human rights but our human rightists have no place for Tibet in their agenda, neither have they Kashmir in that because they believe that human right of Kashmir is being well taken care of by Pakistani counterparts. We can well limit our foreign policies to Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai and keep mum on Kashmir and Tibet issues. We have yet to refined our foreign policy, there is lot more scope in it. 

We are true followers of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru

No, I am not referring to policies of Mahatma Gandhi and Pundit Nehru here because these were the two still the ‘Source of inspiration’ to our respected leaders. Mahatma Gandhi gave us Ahimsa the Non-Violence, the great tool to fight with enemies and Pt. Nehru provided the universal philosophy of Non-Aligned movement. You can see both made us NON-Existing in today’s references but you are free people, you can sing songs in their praise. The whole world considers us weak, a soft state but we proudly announce it as our generosity for the neighboring states. There won’t be a foreign policy without Nehru and there won’t be our own existence if we deviated from the path of Nehru and Gandhi. 

Consider us weak if you like that

The world is free to think that we are a soft state and come to agreement table only when we stand to loose something. We have no firm policies to fight against terrorism, the innumerable arms brought in this country through all borders, the drugs, the fake currency notes, the unauthorized intruders, and all are welcome. Foreign made weapons killing our innocent citizens owned by intruders and terrorists have no restriction but we have very strong rules to provide arms licenses to innocent citizens who could fight some of the evils if they were only provided with arms to do so. I am sure if we had a policy to fight against evil on its merit and not as per Gandhi’s Ahimsa, we could be far better off. No terrorist would have dared to enter into in this country if he knew that he would be shot down by any civilian at his entry level.  


Our political parties should understand that the need of the hour demand them to give up present policies of selling this country, their own loyalties which should be for the welfare of people of the nation and not limited to their own children and relatives only. They should learn to be sincere and honest to their motherland. They should make no compromises with policies for the sake of vote bank politics. They should not look divided in religious groups for the sake of cheap politics that will lead this country to a point of no return, if we are not already there. Today we are silent on border issues tomorrow there would arise more such maters. That is not going to help the cause of this country. We should act in a way that no other country should consider us coward or soft state. That would be the biggest achievement for us if we could stand with our heads raised high among the world community. 

Please note - I am not a sarcastic type but the ways things are moving in my country, it has turned me into one. I also want to sound nice and full of giving praise to our government like many others do but it is not an easy job for me. I apologies for being rude at certain points but that is how I think. 

Please also note – The opinion in this article is my personal thinking that has nothing to do with this site’s policies. Anyone who finds them objectionable is free to express their resentment. Please express your views openly by writing your comments. Thank you all for reading it thus far. 

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