I welcome Our new PM of India - Mr. Narendra Modi. I think after a very long time, India got the talent in politics and that at the post of PM. This for the first time in the PM elections that a PM won with a drastic majority. BJP sweep almost all the seats from many of the states leaving behind some. He was born on 17 September, 1950 in a very poor family. But, then, he became a politician and was leading the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). Modi is the first prime minister of India who has born after the country,s independence. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for many years and worked a lot for making a vibrant Gujatrat. 

Modi was the key to the success for the BJP in the successful elections held in the year 1995 and 1998 in Gujarat. Also, he was the major successful figure in the 2009 elections too. In the year 2001, Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time and then, agter his resignation, he again became the chief minister of Gujarat in 2007. He became the longest serving chief minister in the Gujarat's history ever. He is currently serving the fourth consecutive term as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He is a Hindu Nationalist and was very much credited for his economic policies as his policies created a high rate of economic rate in Gujarat and this is what now India is expecting from our new Prime Minister. Also, he was very much criticised after the 2002 Gujarat Godhra roits both nationally and internationally and was not given the visa for going to America. It was said that he did injustice to Muslim community and muslims hated him. But now this statement is proved wrong as most of the muslims gave vote to Modi as their PM and in Gujarat, he won all the 26 seats. Also, the celebrating people in Gujarat are the Muslims. 


Godhra roits 2002

On 27th February, 2002; a train having more than hundred passengers including large number of Hindus, was burnt near Godhra around 60 people. The rumour spread that the the following incident was carried out by the muslims and then, the anti - muslim violence was spread out throughout the state. Many people around 900 to over 2000 were killed in tis and more than thousand people were injured badly. Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time and he imposed curfew in major cities, issued shoot - at - sight orderss and called the army to prevent the violence. All human rights organisations and the opposition parties opposed Modi for his conduct and was criticised for inflaming the violence. In April 2009, the Supreme Court appointed a Special Investigating Team (SIT) to inquire into the Gujarat Government and Modi's role in the communal violence. In 2010, SIT reported in the supreme court that they didn't found any substantial evidence aganist Modi in the communal violence. 


Expectations from Modi

Despite of the repoert of SIT, Modi has been criticised very much in 2002 and till date but whatever he did for Gujarat made him the real hero of Gujarat and now the love and respect of the whole public of India can been by Modi in this PM elections of 2014. India expect a lot and a lot many changes in India from Modi and we expect that now there will be no problems of necessary nees such as 24 hours of electicity, pure drinking water and proper hygeineic food to all. Also, there will be a great development in the economic sector of India and now, hopefuuly, the whole InANTdia will be called as the "VIBRANT INDIA'.



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