We had horrible and terrible summer this year. People had hopes that this year rain will come properly. Even meteorology department was expecting good rains this year. But rain is playing with us. In the beginning of monsoon, cyclones arrived and it reached Pakistan Karachi. So, instead of India, Pakistan received heavy rain and suffered from floods. We kept hoping that monsoon would arrive to India a bit late. But South India has not received as much as rain as we expected. Water dams are not filled yet. North India got heavy rain this year including cloud burst in Leh. Are all these factors indicating a changing weather? Worldwide, numbers of seminars have been conducted on changing weather.

In India there will be seminars and discussions on changing weather now and then. But common people are not considering this issue seriously. Common man is busy in thinking of buying a car, taking new house, earning money. So production of new cars, construction of buildings, usage of fuels and other energy resources will never stop.

But first we need a clean environment, pure air and water, shelter, clothes and fuel. How to get all these without harming our environment and nature? We should think seriously towards this issue.

Unfortunately, in common people view, “Development” means to become financially strong. But “Development” is overall improvement in environmental, social, cultural, moral and in economical factors. But we have forgotten this. We are thinking that we can buy everything from money.

Demands of existing population are increasing day by day. It is causing change in weather, environment and also it is leading to many strange diseases that we never heard. There are many countries in which Government is considering this issue seriously and implementing many tough rules to protect environment.

So here are some steps that common man can follow to face global weather change in local level :

  1. Plant trees as much as possible. Only planting will not do. We have to take care of trees and maintain them properly.
  2. Use local products as much as possible. For food and for other uses, rely on local resources. Instead of having Chinese apple, you can eat local banana, guava that are rich in nutrients. And also you can get it for low price. Our farmers will get benefits.
  3. Reduce the usage of own vehicles. It is easy to say but difficult to implement. But just think over. We can control unnecessary usage of own vehicles. Use public transport as much as possible. We can use own vehicles only in unavoidable situations.
  4. Use biodegradable and environmental friendly things. For ex areca nut leaves, banana leaves, bamboos etc.
  5. Conserve water resources, lakes. Use water and electricity in a limit. Construct environmental friendly buildings.
  6. People can go for terrace garden. Grow vegetables and flowers in terrace garden. It will not only make your house beautiful but also keeps cool. And you will get vegetables freely.
  7. Use local seeds. Compared to hybrid seeds, local seeds have more stamina to bare changes in weather.
  8. Follow natural, organic farming method. Instead of using harmful chemical fertilizers, we can use environmental friendly, non-toxic fertilizers like wood ash, coffee grinds, grass clipping/mulch, Seaweed etc. Use organic compost like vermic compost (earthworm compost), cow dung etc instead of harmful chemical compost.
  9. Make maximum use of bio fuel, solar energy, wind energy and waves energy. There should be more research on solar energy. Every house should make use of solar heater, solar pressure cookers, and solar electricity generator. There should be more and more research on vehicles that can run using solar energy. Very big dams, nuclear energy stations, coal plants etc are not safe.
  10. Instead of finding a complex solution for any problem, let us go for easy, environment friendly solution.
  11. Let us follow a simple life style instead of luxury life style.


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