Forests are reserves of nature. They are composed of varieties of plants, sky touching trees, home for various birds, animals and various living beings. These are the gifts of nature to this planet. Here no one waters plants, trees, neither food is given to any living being. Trees grow by themselves by absorbing ground water and even mother nature supply water to them with plenty of rainfall every year. Herbivores animals depend on these plants and trees. Carnivores feed on these herbivores animals. Thus, mother nature helps each and every living being of the forest to flourish on their own. All these plants, trees, animals and birds are useful to man. We need them and are dependent on them completely. As a return favor, it becomes our duty to protect them. This is the least thing we can do for them. Thus each and everyone should take it as our responsibility and protect the forests.

Forests keep our environment clean and pure. Level of ground water rises with their help. Risk of soil erosion reduces and soil always maintains its fertility. Rainfall increases. Since ages, forests has been very useful to man. We need oxygen to breakdown our food and it is provided by these forests in enough amount. Carbon-dioxide which we expel during respiration is taken by them and thus they check its level in the environment. They provide us with fire wood and charcoal. They provide wood for construction of home and furniture. Lots of medicines are manufactured from these plants and trees as they are of medicinal importance. In this way forests have helped us in varieties of ways.

Man has become selfish and is destroying forest which is precious gift of nature to us. He is moving in the direction of destruction of his own. He is destroying forest as a result of increase in population, for the construction of damps, buildings and for many more reasons. With this increase in population, destruction in forests too increases. Man is becoming prone to various diseases due to environmental pollution. He has resulted in global warming and depletion of ozone layer. Thus, he has become aware of his deeds and is working in the direction of conservation of forests. He is planting more and more number of trees. He is promoting replanting of trees and avoiding deforestation. He is celebrating and bringing awareness among people regarding the importance of Vanmahotsav.

Schools and colleges through N.S.S. and various programs have started to work for the conservation of forests by planting trees. Apiko Movement has proved to be very beneficial. Organizations as well as common man should understand the importance of forests and help and work in the direction of protection of these forests. By this, our forest reserves will flourish to their best and we can breath pure, pollution free air and live in a disease free environment which we have always dreamed of. Forest protection is our duty. We have to regularly plant trees and help in their conservation as they are valuable to us.

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