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Who doesn’t wish for a happy married life and good health but how many of us do really care to do the needful to the best of our capabilities. To keep our relations healthy we need to see that we follow certain mandatory conditions. You will soon see that things are changing and taking beautiful shapes as you always wanted them to be. Try some of the following points to make necessary changes in your love life-

Be a little expressive

love1Confidence is the key factor in creating a sense of security in any relation especially in love relation where two persons from different background and sex try to show their love for each other. This is not that difficult with perfect understanding and right kind of expressions with sincerity can make it possible to do the trick. I agree that there are no fixed rules of the game where you have to go by any book the only rule matters that how your partner prefers it and how you present your feelings. This is entirely up to you to decide how you have to do it, in conservative ways where one keeps saying “I love you’ or would find some innovative ways to make it know to him/her. By the way leaving ‘I love you’ notes with roses where your partner frequents for his/her daily routine is not a bad idea for a beginning.  

Let’s know each other in a better way

We all love it to do as per our partners’ desires but sometimes it becomes a little more special if we do some thing extra ordinary to please him/her by doing some thing that our partner is not expecting. I suggest make out a list that your partner likes in particular and ask for a similar list from your partner. Later exchange the list to know the taste of each other and act accordingly, that would make you two happy without doing too many extra efforts. You can easily do according to choice of your partners whenever you need to make a surprise gift for each other.

Go to bed together

You share your bed together anyway so why not go to bad together! This is not the point whether you sleep at the same time as one of you might be having a habit of reading before sleeping. You can do it while your partner is asleep or even you can finish your other works and sleep while you feel like.

Being a little romantic helps to great extent do some thing that touches the heart of your partner and trust me this is not a matter that needs money but a little bit of imagination. This is not that tough to know likings and disliking of your partner and molding a bit would do the trick. You will see that your partner is trying to change according to you because that is one of the main requirements of true happy life.

Be happy

Remember your happiness is important to keep your partner happy and your happiness is important because only a happy person can keep his or love2her partner happy. A person who is not satisfied cannot keep any one happy because he is busy with his own problems. The best way to remain happy is to be satisfied for whatever is available to you without making too many complaints. A satisfied person is always happy and the best way to be thankful for what you have is to recall five best things you have in life before going to bed. Another way to be happy is to not to compare yourself with any one who you think has more assets than you do have. Comparing yourself with people who are not as lucky as you are would make you feel happy and satisfied. This is better to keep asking your partner as what makes him/her happier and make it habit to mold the way if you find it not that difficult. Adjustments in life are best way to be happy for you and your partner.

Try to be a little romantic

It’s not that difficult to be a little romantic, you just have to find ways to touch the points where he/she finds it most comfortable. This is all about comfort level with your partner to reach to his/her heart and again this is not as difficult or costly where you have to spend money. You just have to be a little imaginative and bingo- there you are right where you belong, even a flower can do the trick for you if you really care. I suggest you make a list of liking and disliking of your partner although this is not all that necessary.

Do not forget yourself

I hope you do not forget yourself while trying to make your partner happy because you are most important as a person. To make him or her happy you should never forget that a partnership is all about two persons and both are important, you do not have to forget yourself because you are love3one of the important persons who count most in this relationship. A person who knows his own capabilities, positive and negative points can do wonders in a relationship because he can handle the situation even more effectively. So know and groom yourself better that would make your relations better. And never forget to allow some breathing space for your partner as well because that would rejuvenate the partnership beyond your expectations.

Discuss your problems

That is the best way to solve your problems big or small. You can discuss and find solutions to worst of your problems and changes those take place in life from time to time. Just imagine about the situation when one of you go out of the job suddenly and another one supporting him or her until the problem is solved. Smallest of matters count in partnership where one needs to be sympathetic and cooperative to make sure that you two are made for each other in any case.  


Try to hold the hand of your partner and remember the time when you spent that lovely time with him or her while you were out for honeymoon. Oh that would make you forget every thing else and every thing would begin allover again. That will give you reasons to forget your problems instantly and give you new lease of life. Tryout some of the suggestions, I am sure you would find them most helpful for your relations. There is only one way to make each other happy maybe you shall have to make little extra efforts.

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