What is communication?

This is the method of transmission of messages to others and receiveng these from them.  This may be oral or written. Actually when we want to convey any message to others face to face, oral communication is used. But when we want to communicate with anybody at distant place, we need  different means of communication. So in short, this is a method by which we can share our ideas, opinions and information with others.


It is necessary in personal life and business life now a day. We cannot run solely depending on self. We need to communicate with others in society as we need help from others. Also we need much information like a farmer needs weather report or engineers need latest information about technology etc.


There are two types of communication. One is individual and other is mass communication. Talking, telephoning, e-mailing, chatting are some examples of individual communications between one to one. communication with a large number of people at a time  is called mass communication.  Radio,Television, cinema, newspaper, internet etc are the means of mass communication.


The uses and the choice of the means of communication depend upon the necessity. When oral communication is needed, we generally use telephone or mobile phone, but when any written document is needed we use email, fax etc. Mobile is also used for written message. This is the era of modern technologies. There are many developed technologies for communication.

Different means of communication

Portal service- It is an olden communication system. It is very popular means of communication still now in rural areas. It is a media which helps to remain much closed personally and socially. In many areas where mobile or any other modern communication system is not available, postal service is only means of communication. Parcel and money order system are other facilities that are controlled by Department of Posts, Government of India. 

Telephone- This  is also very popular and easily used in two way communication system. One can speak and hear other at same time. Many times relatives stay in distance and may be in foreign country. Thus this has removed the distance bar and helps to be in touch with near and dear ones.


Mobile phone is the popular mean of communication. This  is portable and also easily usable anywhere. Landline has some limitation as this is used at home only whereas mobile phone can go anywhere with you. There are other facilities like SMS or MMS and voice message.

Voice mail-  This is Computer based service which can receive and respond in all incoming calls. This has recording and storage facilities.

Pager-This was popular one time but not so popular now a days. Mobile has reduced its importance but still now some people use it to send message.

Teleconferencing- This is very popular communication system. A meeting can be held  between those in different corners of world. For example Board of cricket control of India chooses and selects team through teleconferencing system. It can be used in education field also. So physical attendance is not necessary to do a meeting now. One can interact with many people from different places.  Multinational companies are also using it. It saves time as well as money.


Fax- You can send fascimile copy of a document or diagram or photograph using this media within no time to anybody who is at a far off place. Thus it is very useful time saving means of communication. 


E-mail- This is abbreviation of 'electronic mail'. Hand written letter is a thing of past. Email is a new and popular system by which one can send any letter with some attachment like photo or documents to anyone. One should have an email account in his name to use it. Any complaint letter or any type of communication may be sent through this modern system of internet.

Cinema- Though it is used for entertainment purpose, it can also be used to give  any social message or to create awareness for social or other causes. 

Newspaper and magazines- These are called print media. It also helps people to know about any current news or information. It reaches to masses  daily communicating daily news, stock market news or weather reports etc. It also contains an editorial column on social matters. These are also used to promote any commodity to a group of people.

Radio and television- These are also important means of communications. Thousands of people are using these daily to get information and entertainment. Even now a day television is a common facility in every house. It also helps people to know about social programs. 


Technology is improving day by day. With the help of modern technology there is no distance bar. With the invention of internet, everything is at  click of mouse. We can say that modern means of communications have advanced our society. But it has some demerits also:-

  1. The rays of mobile phone tower are  proved dangerous. Many birds are extinct now. It may also affect brain by continuous use. 
  2. It has made people lazy. Now everyone keeps touch with neighbors through modern system and there is no physical interaction. This has caused social gap among people.
  3. It is also costly now. A poor man may be unable to use it. So they have to depend on our old communication system.
  4. In many rural areas still electricity is not available. So using modern equipments is a dream to them.
  5. There are also incidents of fatal accidents caused by talking on mobile at level crossing.
  6. Many terrorist organizations use these modern means of communications and this results in threat to national security.

This is undisputed fact that no one can live alone on earth. Everybody needs to communicate with others. This is a human nature. In ancient time the early men used drums or smoke signals or flute to communicate with others. We have heard that ancient kings used pigeons to carry letters.

In new era we are using so many new technologies to communicate. Various types of transports are also used to communicate physically.

Advancement of science has brought a revolution in technology in communication field. If it is misused, it may be dangerous threat to our society. We should use these all in positive way. 

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