Introduction Fear of communication is quite predominant and in many cases has become a social issue. People fail to communicate their thoughts clearly because of fear and therefore most of them easily become a victim of such communication...

Shyness a Social Phobia

I remember an incident that happened sometime back while I was traveling by bus . A lady got in with a baby in her arms and a bag on her shoulder, seeing this a man got up and offered her his seat and she sat without even acknowledging his gesture...

“What have you decided? Are you coming or not?” “How many times should I tell you?” “Why? Why Meera? Why?” After a deep silence she replied, “You know well the reason. I just can’t handle the situation”. “I will be always with you as your...

Probably one of the most dfficult tasks in our life is to maintain the many relationships that we are born into and later acquire as we progress in life. Many people feel that it takes a life time to understand all those who are  close to us,...

You might have watched many movies where hero and heroine try to communicate each other in different languages; a common language not known for both. Though they try sincerely to tell what they carry in their minds, many spaces may remain blank due...

Go with your gut feeling By now most people are aware of the fact that intuition (inner voice ) does play a major part in our daily activities. The existence of intuition has been amply demonstrated scientifically through many researches and...

What is communication? This is the method of transmission of messages to others and receiveng these from them.  This may be oral or written. Actually when we want to convey any message to others face to face, oral communication is used. But...

Expectations from others One of the basic human need is to be wanted by others and this happens from the time we are born, we expect certain things to be done for us and we also do things for others and this goes on all through our life cycle. It...

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What do enjoy the most out of the following in your spare time, if you have any?

What do enjoy the most out of the following in your spare time, if you have any?
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  Vatral kuzhambu is a famous recipe in Tamilnadu. Vatral kuzhambu with fried pappad is an excellent combination.Usually we will make vatral kuzhambu with
Christ the Redeemer, the gigantic statue of Jesus Christ, welcomes you with outstretched arms at the famous Rio de Janeiro, on the 700 meter tall summit
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Raaghavan Krishnamurthy
#Hai friends, in this article let me explain my point of view about this beautiful life. # Rich or Poor, everyperosn in this world has some unique talent
Haren Shah
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