After the terrible exit of the French team in the Fifa 2010, South Africa, they have re-established themselves again as a European force. France in the Group-E will have an easy draw this time around. They will face Ecuador, Honduras and Switzerland. Barring Switzerland, the rest may not pose any threat for France to enter in the final 16. Having a new forward attack in the form of Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Valvuena, France will start fresh in this edition of Fifa world cup. Frank Ribery will be the key player for France, with his excellent dribbling skills, fast and intelligent play; he can challenge even the best defence of the world. He will be the biggest playmaker for the French team. There will be a strange feeling for fans as Samir Nasri is not selected in the world cup squad. Anyways, France looks favourites to enter in the final 16 of Fifa 2014. Switzerland, in the other hand also looks good to make it to the final 16. They are having the Fifa ranking of No. 8, which is the best in this group. Though, they don’t seem to beat France. 

The other two teams Honduras and Ecuador falls behind the two European greats. They have fewer chances to qualify in the final 16. Though, Felipe Caicedo and Antonio Valencia of Manchester United can pose few threats playing for Ecuador. Honduras doesn’t have any big names except their goalie Luis Lopez, who plays in La Liga. The other three playing in some good leagues are Wilson Palacios from stoke city and Rony Martinez, who plays for Real Sociedad in La Liga. We may see a good contest between Ecuador and Honduras. The other one will be for topping the group between the French team and Switzerland. Hence, from group E, It is highly unlikely to see Honduras and Ecuador qualify in the final 16 of the Fifa 2014 world cup in Brazil though; we never know the game of football, as there have always been ups and downs in the group stages. Let us hope to see the best football and best team win.  

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