We should have a strong body. The body will be strong not merely by eating plenty of food, but by digesting it properly. Swami Vivekananda said, “What our young men need today is muscles of iron and nerves of steel. Strength is life, weakness is death.” How can we get strength? By playing games in the open air in the evenings one can acquire a strong and healthy body. Also by learning different exercises in a gymnasium one can develop a healthy body. Yoga’s Asanas also help us to protect our internal system. In the sports field a player should develop the sportsman spirit of accepting even defeat cheerfully. If one learns to keep up his equanimity whether he wins or loses, one will have learnt to look upon the joys and sorrows of life in the same spirit. Good sportsmanship will drive away all bad thoughts if any, from one’s mind and there will be peace of mind. In team games the player must always co-operate with the captain of the team. He should give chances to every one and play with such co-ordination to win the game. It is not fair to snatch all the opportunities for displaying one’s own skill in playing. Every player must contribute his best in the team game to maintain the name of the team. When a team loses and another team wins, even then the player must heartily congratulate the winning. When the opponents lose the game, instead of behaving arrogantly, the winners should treat them with magnanimity and graces. One should not hurt their feelings by bad manners. After all somebody has to win or lose in a game. As a sportsman, one should be liberal in outlook, dignified in conduct, cheerful in temperament and moderate in talk. One should not forget to collect bags, shoes, etc. while leaving the ground. It is better not to carry too much money to the sports-ground.

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