When we have vacations we always make plans to go to a place which would be in our budget and worth to visit but sometimes we plan and forget things which we must have planned or could not do the things as per the plans. Through this article I would share some few things which we must follow before going for vacations:

1. First thing we must do is to do the search of a place to go. We should select few places which are worth to visit through Internet, experience of others. Consider the whether of the place where you want to spend your vacations. Sometimes it happens the place we are willing to visit may not be good to visit at the time when we are planning to go there. Also its important to know about the whether of the place where we are planning to spend our holidays as that's how we pack our clothes and other things for the tour.

2. Then comes the estimation of the total cost of our vacation. Cost should include meals,hotel fare,travelling expenses etc. Its better to do booking of hotels that is our budget in advance otherwise sometimes it may be a problem. Its always advisable to have less luggage when we go out for vacations. Never forget to pack things like towel, night suits, toiletry items,undergarments, snacks etc. always try to make a list of items in advance and while packing refer that checklist. Its better to do that as when we do packing in the last minute there are chances that we may forget to pack things which may be important for us. I normally start packing things around 7~8 days before the actual date of travelling as that gives me plenty of time to pack my things for the vacations.

3. Medication are essential to keep while travelling as many of us have traveling sort of phobia. My wife normally vomits while travelling ina bus or car even in the trains she gets ill so its better to keep some medicines in the bag to overcome such situations. Same is the case with the kids upsetting of stomach,head ache,body ache are some normal things which may happen with any one of us so for precautionary measure we should keep some medicines in the had bag. Also one should keep ban aids, balms,antiseptics,detol,bandages in the kit as one may find it helpful at times. Shaving kit normally is the thing one forgets to keep along with the luggage.

4. It is advisable to carry light weight carry bags.Heavy bags are not comfortable to carry while travelling. Its better one should carry hand bags instead of briefcases and suitcases as they may not be easy to carry if someone has to roam on foot.

5. One should gather all the important knowledge about the place to visit. Best thing is to hire a guide or someone who could tell you about the important/best places to visit. I remember I once went on a tour to Goa. We hired a hotel in PANJIM (capital of Goa) but after one day only we came to know that there are cottages near sea beaches which people used to give on rent for the tourists. Moreover we hired a guide for whole tour who explained about each place and stories related to them.

6. Its better to select a place to visit with the consent of all the family members. Don't select a place only if you only feel that its a nice place to visit or your neighbor says that a particular place is good to visit. I normally have seen that people do that they just rely on others and make plans to visit places what other says are good to visit. One should choose place to visit on their choice not what other says.

7. When one is going to enjoy vacations then he/she should leave all other worries of office and home aside then only we can enjoy our vacations fully. When one is stressed he/she cannot enjoy anything so it would be better for any one to leave tension at home before going for tour. 

8. Its a rule that we should not trust strangers while travelling in a public transport and should keep an eye on our luggage it happens with many people that they luggage is robbed in the train. Many time these strangers dupe us and steal our things making us fool.


Once a while one should make a plan to travel with friends or family. I remember last year I went for a small tour to Haridwar around 200 Kms away from Delhi with my family it was really a wonderful trip as me and my kids enjoyed a lot. It refreshed my mind which was stressed up with the office work. Recently I went a 2 days tour with my friends to Agra and Mathura that was a great trip as we all had some sort of a get together. Its always a memorable moments when we spend few days to enjoy with family or friends. Parents should ensure that they should plan vacations at least once in a year so that they children could enjoy and may learn something good from the tour.

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